Great Chaos Fireball is a Pyromancy in Dark Souls 2. To cast a Pyromancy, you must use a Flame or Special Weapons that can cast Pyromancy.

Great Chaos Fireball

Spell Type


Attunement SlotsSlots Used

2 Slot

Spell Uses



Short to Medium Range



"The Chaos Flame is said to have devoured the mother of pyromancy.
Create a chaos flame, and hurl it at foes.

This special flame creates a short-lived surge of molten lava wherever it lands."

Acquired From



  • After throwing a great chaos fire ball a pool of lava lingers on the spot of impact doing massive fire damage to enemies who decide to stick around too long.
    The immediate damage of this spell (impact + explosion) is the most powerful of all pyromancies, dealing roughly 50% more damage than Great Fireball.
    Same range and speed (cast time is appox. the same as Fire Tempest) as the basic Fireball but does more damage than the Forbidden Sun with a larger area splash and lava that lingers longer (lava is not effected by the Lingering Dragoncrest Ring)
    Since this pyromancy is difficult to dodge and has high damage with a wide AoE, it is arguably the best pyromancy for PvP. It is recommended that you wait until your opponent approaches and time the cast so you throw it at your feet, even if you miss your opponent either must back up or be damaged by the lingering lava.
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    • Anonymous

      02 Dec 2020 01:38  

      Whoever thought it'd be a good idea to lock this absolutely vital pyromancy behind a shitty covenant that requires you to consecutively win 500 ****ING MATCHES in one of the most cancerous PvP scenes in the SoulsBourne Series should be shot. Preferably in the testicles or ovaries so they don't breed their braindead genes.

      Oh, I know I could just complete this broken game 2 and a half times, but I think by then I'll be so fed up with the bullshit, I'll have long since passed on to other (better) souls games. I think this was just some poor attempt to extend the "value" of this "absolute gem" of a game.

      • Anonymous

        05 Feb 2020 21:42  

        Honestly, I have no problem going to NG+2 to get this instead of beating 500 players in the arena. I mean in DS3 you have to go to NG+2 to get all the +2 rings. But I'm never going to Brume Tower as a pyromancer ever again.

        • Anonymous

          14 Jan 2020 01:51  

          I still need this for the trophy and would like for others to get it as well. We could help each other by doing kills in the arena. If you want add me (I'm on PS3) : X_REAPERxPEACE_X

          • Anonymous

            28 Nov 2019 00:37  

            "Ok, we've made a super powerful pvp spell that does big damage and rollcatches. How easily available should it be?" Ds2 devs: "hide it. Make it a pain in the ass to unlock, so you have to truly dedicate hours upon hours to making a strong pyro build." Ds3 devs: "lol make it available like 2 hours into the game"

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