Cromwell the Pardoner

General Info
Health Souls Location Drops
1840 3,000 Brightstone Cove Tseldora Ring of Resistance

Cromwell the Pardoner is an NPC in Dark Souls 2


Cromwell the Pardoner Information

  • Forgives Sins at the cost of 1,000 souls per soul level.
  • Forgiving sin only removes the aggro from NPCs if you have managed to make them hostile, and not the sin level.
  • Gives Ring of Resistance if Faith is above 35.




Brightstone Cove Tseldora. Walk from the Chapel Threshold bonfire back towards the Chapel where Prowling Magus & Congregation is fought. There are small alcoves to the left and right of the entrance of the Chapel. On the right side of the entrace in the alcove you will find a ladder. Cromwell waits inside the attic after climbing up.




  1. Ring of Resistance




Spells Type Souls
Scraps of Life Hexes 2.200
Great Heal Miracles 8.000
Emit Force Miracles 4.200
Heavenly Thunder Miracles 3.300
Perseverance Miracles 3.500
Rings Description Souls
Cursebite Ring Increases Curse resistance 9.000
Poisonbite Ring Increases Poison resistance 5.500
Bloodbite Ring Increases Bleed resistance 7.000
Items Description Souls
Dark Troches Consumable. Increases Dark resistance 1.200
Armor Souls
White Priest Headpiece 4.500
White Priest Robe 5.000
White Priest Gloves 4.600
White Priest Skirt 4.800




- When first met
Something seems to be bothering you.
Yes, yes, I can tell. It is written upon your face.
You have doubts, about something you did.
I am Cromwell.
Regret, anguish, disillusion, bewilderment. What wonderful gifts they are.
Together, they are the essence of life. Don't you agree?

- When talking a second time
But now, you are lost, bewildered by your own actions.
You poor little thing.
Yes, yes, how tiny and frail are we.
But if your heart is yet sincere, your sins will be forgiven.
Now is the chance. Demonstrate your sincerity to me.

- When talking to him to open the interaction menu
Ask that your sins be forgiven.
I, Cromwell, will pardon your sins.

- When leaving, having used his services
We must never forget our sins.

- When leaving, without having used his services
Whenever you are ready.

- When walking off without closing the menu
You will always find me here.

- When asking for pardon
You seek indulgence? Then tell me of your transgression.

  1. Answer "yes"
    …Your sin has been forgiven.
    May your contrition be sincere and enduring.
  2. Answer "no"
    Then, you wish to stand and face your own sins?
    Such virtuous fortitude is rare, and I sincerely commend it.

- Using 'Talk' option
Anyone can be forgiven, as long as he is sincere.
No matter how terrible the sin.
Surely, we all deserve mercy, yes.

- When giving equipment to the player
These are for you.
We all deserve mercy, every last one of us.

- When attacked but not aggroed

- When attacked and aggroed
You are a cold beast.

- When killing the player
Forgive this poor soul…

- When re-encountered after aggroing
Be gone.

- When attacked and health is under 50%

- When killed
(whimpering and sighing; no subtitles)




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    • Anonymous

      13 May 2017 05:14  

      So, um, I had the moon butterfly armor on and needed forgiveness, went to cromwell and accidentally aggroed him. Any way i can fix that? Do I have to use a bonfire ascetic?

      • Anonymous

        No pardon for Vendrick29 Aug 2016 10:59  

        The wiki here says that Cromwell can also reverse aggro on Vendrick and the Ancient Dragon, but I'm finding that is not the case at all. The sins have been absolved and, alas, the fog gate remains. :( It should be interesting to see how the DLC can be finished with no access to Vendrick's memory.

        • Anonymous

          The old ladies29 Aug 2016 10:59  

          Having your sins forgiven apparently makes it so the old ladies in Things Betwixt will talk to you again after killing their house-maid. I did this at the start of my first character and thought I would never be able to use Soul Vessels, until I found this out.

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