Lonesome Gavlan

General Info
Health Souls Location Drops
2,420 1,300 No-Man's Wharf Gyrm Greataxe

Lonesome Gavlan is an NPC in Dark Souls 2


Lonesome Gavlan Information

  • Allows the player to sell their own wares in return for souls, similar to Kingseeker Frampt in Dark Souls 1.
  • If he is killed in No-Man's Wharf a gravestone will be in his place which costs 3500 souls to talk to him.
  • He will gift you Gyrm Greataxe after purchasing 15,000 souls worth of goods from him and selecting "Talk" (selling goods works as well)




No-Man's WharfDark Souls II: Found upstairs in a building far up in the wharf with many Dark Stalkers. He appears here first and will leave after being visited here to go to Harvest Valley.
Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin: In the room next to the movable portcullis, where you can summon Lucatiel of Mirrah.
Harvest Valley. Found in a small room on the left side of the dug out burrow, beside the first encountered Mounted Overseer near the Poison Pool bonfire. He will leave after being visited here to go to Doors of Pharros.
Doors of Pharros. He will stay here permanently. He is found in the room, up the stairs outside of the Gyrm's Respite bonfire. His stock of items is unlimited here.




  1. Gyrm Greataxe




Name Quantity Souls
20 (unlimited in Doors of Pharros) 1500
20 (unlimited in Doors of Pharros) 2000
20 (unlimited in Doors of Pharros) 350
20 (unlimited in Doors of Pharros) 60
1x (refreshes whenever he moves) 5000 (No-Man's Wharf)
6000 (Harvest Valley)
7000 (Doors of Pharros)




- First Encounter
Who you?
I Gavlan.
Gavlan wheel? Gavlan deal.
Gavlan want soul. Many many soul. Gah hah!
What you want?
With Gavlan, you wheel? You deal! Gah hah!

- Meeting again
What you want?
Umm…You want? Want what?

- Meeting again (Harvest Valley)
Umm…Gavlan know you.

- Meeting again (Gyrm's Respite)
Make deal with Gavlan?
Oh Gavlan, know you. What you want?
You, again. Gavlan, meet you again.

- Using Talk Option
Gavlan wheel? Gavlan deal.
Gavlan want soul. Many many soul. Gah hah!
What you want?
With Gavlan, you wheel? You deal! Gah hah!

- When gifting the Gyrm Greataxe
With Gavlan, you deal. Much, much deal.
These, you take, ah For you.

- Leaving after using his services
Many deal…many thanks! Gah hah!

- Leaving without using his services
You? Go home?

- Leaving without exiting menu

- When attacked
Umm…You strong. (aggro'd)
Unintelligible (when below 50% HP)
You die! (re-encounter)

- When killing the player




  • ??
  • ??


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