Carhillion of the Fold

General Info
icon hp souls Location Drops
1,510 3,250 No-man's Wharf Northern Ritual Band +1

Carhillion of the Fold is an NPC in Dark Souls 2



Carhillion of the Fold Information




No-Man's Wharf. On a side platform before Flexile Senty bossfight.
Majula. To the right of Blacksmith Lenigrast's shop sitting under the tree.
Crown of the Old Iron King. In front of the Fume Knight's room as a white phantom summon.




  1. Northern Ritual Band +1




icon intelligence
Uses Slots Cost
Soul Arrow
10 30 1 1,500
Great Soul Arrow
14 15 1 3,000
Heavy Soul Arrow
12 20 1 2,000
Great Heavy Soul Arrow
16 10 1 4,500
13 3 1 1,800
Soul Spear Barrage
17 3 1 2,600
Magic Weapon
10 8 1 2,000
19 4 1 3,000
Sorcerer's Staff 10     1,000
Spell Quartz Ring       2,000
Clear Bluestone Ring       2,000
Amber Herb
x 10
Twilight Herb
x 5
Simpleton's Spice
x 1




- When first met in No-Man's Wharf, with INT under 8
I see light, but it remains dim…
I am Carhillion, and I've no interest in the magic-impaired.

- When first met in No-Man's Wharf, with INT over 8
Hmm…I sense power…
Very well. From this day, you shall be my new pupil.
I am Carhillion. Carhillion of the Fold. Surely you've heard the name?
Now, now, do not be afraid. Let us explore the limits of sorcery.

- When talking to him to open the interaction menu
Do you seek my teachings? Very well, very well.
Back already? Your diligence is commendable.
Your visit is welcome. I trust you've kept up your studies.
Oh, there you are. Do you seek my teachings?

- When leaving, having used his services
Young pupil, do not take my teachings lightly.

- When leaving, without having used his services
One day, my teachings will save you.

- When walking off without closing the menu
The path is yet long, young pupil.

- Using 'Talk' option
The forces of magic, and souls, lie dormant in this land.
It is a fitting place to hone my sorceries.
I suspect that I may even conjure up new spells here.
Sorcery is yet a mystery, even to me. Let us mature together, young pupil.

- Using 'Talk' option
Use scrolls to unleash the power of sorceries.
But the power of each scroll is reliant on that of its owner.
The untrained cannot wield a scroll to its proper potential.
Never forget, young pupil… There are no shortcuts to mastery.

- When leaving, in No-Man's Wharf after defeating Flexile Sentry
Young pupil, may we meet again, in Majula.

- When first met in Majula
Oh, so you've finally decided to join us?
Let us resume our exploration of sorcery.

- Using 'Talk' option in Majula
Sorcery and pyromancy thrive in Melfia. I've spent much time there, trying to perfect my art.
But staying was a mistake. The fools there had no interest in truth.
Their ambitions were paltry, and their smiles cloying. I was sick to the back teeth of their petty squabbles.
There was nothing for me in that forsaken land.

- Using 'Talk' option before rescuing Rosabeth
On my trip here, I met a strange girl once or twice.
After a time, I never saw her again. I wonder where she went off to.
We spoke only a few times, but… A fair lass, if a bit clumsy.
I hope that she is safe.

- Using 'Talk' option in Majula
I sense a dark power here.
Something akin to sorcery… Only more…primordial…
I wish to find out more about it, but as we see, this place is in ruins.
Just what happened here?

- Using 'Talk' option in Majula
Sorcery was created long, long ago.
Some say it was originated by the great pale being…
But we've no way of knowing if such claims are true.
Many sorceries were lost over the ages.
Before pyromancy, there were fire sorceries, but they are long forgotten.

- Using 'Talk' option after Rosabeth moves to Majula
So, the girl's been here too.
I'm glad to see her safe, whatever that's worth.

- When giving equipment to the player
Ah, here, a fitting gift for you.
Seek higher planes, young pupil.

- When attacked but not aggroed
Stop that!
Have you lost your head?
Damn, you bloody fool!

- When attacked and aggroed
The arrogance of the young!

- When killing the player
How very tragic…

- When re-encountered after aggroing
Behold my true power.

- When attacked and health is under 50%
Hmph! How very sporting!

- When killed
(scream of death; no subtitle)




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    • Anonymous

      The way he calls you "Magic-impaired" sounds far more insulting and offensive than if he just outright said "you're too stupid to learn magic" for some reason

      • Anonymous

        From a lore perspective, why is he at Brume Tower? Like, why can I summon him? A very vague interest in hex combined with the Soul of Nadalia being down there is the best guess I can muster.

        • Anonymous

          Never spoke to this lad despite playing through the game twice. Then again, I would have given him the UGS treatment for being A FILTHY MAGICIAN. NO MAGIC ALLOWED.

          • Anonymous

            Might be a good idea to let people know that if you kill this ******* and he falls in the water you lose his ring. His loot DOES NOT show up where he was sitting. Just got ****ed cause this dumb ass site is so goddamn vague all the time.

            • Anonymous

              He sells infinite spells at Majula before the boss mentioned above is killed (Scholar version). Not sure if another boss is required - I'm past the Shaded Woods boss (Najra or whatever).

              • "(If you have already talked to him with 8+ Intelligence prior to defeating the Flexile Sentry, he will automatically move to Majula after beating the boss (and sailing to the Lost Bastille.)"
                He will not. Not in SotFS v1.02..

                • Anonymous

                  He's probably one of the few characters I don't like, the way he talks and the way he can just ditch someone makes me wanna kill him a little but if I did, I would be a full fledged murderer so, no thanks - RK14

                  • Anonymous

                    Where the ***** is he ? I'm halfway done with DS2 and I have 3 spells and all my starting gear. This is seriously ridiculous.

                    • Anonymous

                      Progress point for me is 1st castle bonfire and 1st gutter bonfire he's selling infinite spells in base game NG

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