Covenant Leaders are NPCs in Dark Souls 2. These are the main NPCs and leaders of the Covenants in the game. There are 9 Covenants in total that work as factions or pacts, and players can choose to align with a specific Covenant in the game to reap extra rewards of benefits. These benefits could include a unique multiplayer item usable only by members of that covenant, or other Items and equipment. To align with a covenant players must pledge an oath these NPCs. They must then abide by specifc covenant rules and behaviours to remain in the covenanat.



All Covenant Leaders Dark Souls 2

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Titchy Gren

Covenant: Brotherhood of Blood

This NPC is notable in that he is approximately half the size of the player character (and his gear refers to him as "tiny"). Gren is a devotee of the blood god Nahr Alma and introduces the player to the Brotherhood of Blood Covenant if they have at least 1 Token of Spite - obtained from a chest in the Grave of Saints area. These tokens can also be obtained online by successfully invading and killing other player characters through the use of a Cracked Red Eye Orb.

Once the player has pledged allegiance to the Covenant and Nahr Alma, Gren will discuss the Brotherhood mechanics and ways in more depth, and will also become available as a merchant. Gren's ghost can be summoned for 3,000 souls if you killed him for some reason.


Blue Sentinel Targray

Covenant: Blue Sentinels

"A religious seeker, This knight's stout faith guides strict principles that he enforces on himself and expects of others. Despite admirable devotion to his sacred mission, he may perhaps be accused of narrow-mindedness."
Blue Sentinel Targray. An apostle called Blue Knight. He demands himself and others a strict discipline as a 'guide' from the Blue Sentinel covenant. He devotes his life for his noble mission, however, sometimes his words and actions betray a narrow mind."

His spirit can be summoned for 6000 souls if he is killed.

Crestfallen Saulden

Covenant: Way of the Blue

The earliest available covenant leader, Crestfallen Saulden can be found at the base of the tower in Majula. Much like his counterpart, the Crestfallen Warrior in Dark Souls, he gives direction in the early stages of the game, and makes frequent comments regarding the impossibility of the Chosen Undead's task.

Upon initially exhausting all of his available dialogue at any given point, his final comment will be a recommendation to join the Way of the Blue covenant. There are no entry requirements, and upon acceptance will present the Chosen Undead with the Blue Seal

Bell Keeper

Covenant: The Bell Keepers

The Bell Keepers guard the Belfry Luna in The Lost Bastille and the Belfry Sol in the Iron Keep, respectively. They are almost identical, the only discernible difference between them being sections of dialogue. The Bell Keepers are marionettes, created by the Prince of Alken - commonly assumed to be he who became the Old Iron King - and the Princess of Venn, whose identity is unclear. Their sole purpose is to kill any trespassers into their respective towers.

Upon exhausting the dialogue of either of these passive marionettes, the Chosen Undead will be given the option to join the Bell Keepers covenant, and the relevant Bell Keeper will provide the Bell Keeper's Seal - in addition to five Rusted Coins - to those who choose to do so.

Rat King

Covenant: Rat King Covenant

The Rat King is present in two locations: The Doors of Pharros and the Grave of Saints. He is only accessible upon defeat of the Royal Rat Authority or the Royal Rat Vanguard, respectively.

Notably prejudiced towards humans, the Rat King will gain a new respect for the Chosen Undead if they are carrying at least one Rat Tail - obtained after victory in the prerequisite boss battle. Once this requirement has been met, the Chosen Undead will be offered the opportunity to join the Rat King covenant and defend the Grave of Saints and Doors of Pharros levels. The Rat King only needs to be spoken to at one of these locations to join the covenant, and is available at either at any time.

Magerold of Lanafir

Covenant: Dragon Remnants

Despite seemingly having no connection to the dragons, Magerold is the leader of the Dragon Remnants covenant. He can be found near the beginning of the Iron Keep, although the player will be unable to join the covenant when they first pass through here.

Once the Chosen Undead has obtained the Petrified Egg from the Dragon Shrine, Magerold will requests the egg for himself. He will no longer interact with the player until either they agree to give him the egg, or otherwise remove it from their inventory. Once the Chosen Undead has given Magerold the egg, they will have the option of joining the Dragon Remnants covenant. At this point he will also resume his function as a merchant, regardless of whether the Chosen Undead chooses to join.

Darkdiver Grandahl

Covenant: Pilgrims of Dark

The Chosen Undead must find Darkdiver Grandahl in three locations before the Pilgrims of Dark covenant becomes available. The Shaded Woods, the Black Gulch and Drangleic Castle

The order in which these places are visited has no impact, but the player must exhaust his dialogue in the first two places they meet him. The third time they meet, Grandahl will offer the player the opportunity to join the covenant. If the player chooses to kill Darkdiver Grandahl, joining the covenant will be impossible until the next playthrough.

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