Licia of Lindelt

General Info
Health Souls Location Drops
2,440 2,500 Heide's Tower of Flame Rotunda Lockstone
Saint's Set
Idol's Chime
Soothing Sunlight

Licia of Lindelt is an NPC in Dark Souls 2


Licia of Lindelt Information

  • Sells miracles and related items
  • Opens the path to Huntsman's Copse for 2,000 souls
  • You can invade her with Crushed Eye Orb after killing 3-4 Great Ones.
  • NOTE: Killing her (even through invasion) will end all progress towards the Gathering of Exiles achievement for the current playthrough. This applies to all friendly Majula NPCs. All of them must be alive and gathered at Majula all at the same time to get the achievement.




Heide's Tower of Flame. She can be found next to the bonfire up the stairs from the Dragonrider boss fight.
Majula. She moves to Majula Rotunda after her dialogue in Heide's is exhausted or after Flexile Sentry is defeated.




  1. Rotunda Lockstone
  2. Saint's set
  3. Idol's Chime
  4. Soothing Sunlight (only when invaded with Crushed Eye Orb)




Uses Slots Cost
Heal 12 3 1 1,500
Med Heal 18 2 1 3,000
Great Heal Excerpt 14 1 1 4,500
Replenishment 16 2 1 3,000
Resplendent Life 25 2 2 4,500
Caressing Prayer 15 4 1 2,000
Force 12 10 1 1,800
Lightning Spear 22 10 1 6,000
Homeward 18 1 1 2,400
Guidance 12 10 1 3,700
Ring of Prayer       28,000
Cleric's Sacred Chime 10     1,400




- First Encounter
Are you from these parts?
My name is Licia.
I have come to spread the art of miracles, a practice of which I am a disciple.
I can see that you are well suited to comprehend their wondrous power.
But the cost of it? That's for your heart to decide.

- Meeting again (Tower of Flame)
Just speak up if you're in need of miracles.
That's why I'm here, after all.

- Meeting again (Rotunda)
Oh, hello there… An honour to see you again.
This room is not as it seems. There are two, not one, pathways leading out.
And only this lovely thing reveals the other path.
And this, you lovely thing… Only runs on miracles!
Shall I provide you with one?

- Using Talk Option (Tower of Flame)
I'd heard awful rumours about this place, and I'm afraid they were all true.
The king, gone. The earth, ravaged. The burden on the people weighs heavy.
I fear that by now, they may have scarce room in their hearts for miracles…

- Using Talk Option (Tower of Flame)
Why did I come here? Well…
Do I need any other reason, than to spread the gospel of miracles?
My preceptor always said this art should be shared with the world.
And such is my only wish.

- Using Talk Option (Tower of Flame)
Sometimes I fight the urge to pack up and go back home.
It is, well…I must do this.
And being out here all alone only makes this a more fitting test of my fortitude.

- Using Talk Option (Tower of Flame)
I expected this cathedral to be bustling, but there's hardly a soul to be found here.
Without any goings-on, I'll have to move soon.
To a place I could gull the…
Sorry, help the gullible by teaching the good word…Hah hah…

- Using Talk Option (Rotunda)
To cast miracles, you must have strong faith in the gods.
Miracles began as tales told by gods.
We preserve their will with lore, pray to their greatness, and are blessed in return.
You must nourish your faith.

- Using Talk Option (Rotunda)
Miracles have been passed down through us since the First Flame.
Isn't it extraordinary to think they've existed since the very origins of the world?
And now, you can have this power for yourself. Don't miss out on the road to enlightenment!

- Using Talk Option (Rotunda)
What is the First Flame?
Well, it's…
Hmm, you're not ready to comprehend it, I'm afraid!
You require more faith! And more miracles. Many more miracles!

- Moving Path
Go ahead, then.

- After defeating four old ones
You've had quite a journey, I can see…
You must have a glorious number of souls by now…
What a wonderful feeling that must be…Heh heh…

- When invading
Curses…Puzzled me out, have you?
At least now I can finish you off, guilt-free! Hah hah!

- When gifting the player with items
You deserve to have these. For your faith has truly deepened.
Go on, and seek greater miracles. With your faith, you deserve no less!

- Leaving after using her services
May the power of miracles be with you.
Offer your souls to the gods.

- Leaving without using her services
No need for miracles?
The gods frown upon such soul scrimpers!

- Leaving without exiting menu
Oh? Done so soon?

- When attacking
Please, stop this!
Hyahh! I've no choice, now! (aggro'd)

- When killing (non-invasion)
Have faith…




  If you find the Crushed Eye Orb, not the cracked red eye orb, you will receive a message when you next meet her. Activating the orb has you invade her as a Red Phantom. She is not a push over by any means, but killing her can be surprisingly easy, if not time consuming.

Things to know before you do battle:

  • Her main attack strategies are miracles, including lightning attacks and Wrath of the Gods. Her lightning attacks are easily avoided by using the pillar in the center of the room to block the lightning. With a high stability shield, Wrath of the Gods only drains a bit of stamina. However, it is easy to get killed because it has a large AOE and you can be caught unaware.
  • Using the hex Profound Still makes the fight much easier with backstabs, although her she runs around trying to hit you.
  • She will also attack you with her Idol Chime, which can apparently do some substantial damage if you're not careful.
  • She has low poise and can be easily staggered; this can be useful to interrupt her miracle casting.
  • She can be poisoned and backstabbed.
  • When she gets to half of her health, she will begin to cast healing miracles. This can drag the battle out (sometimes annoyingly so)
  • She seems to have around 9000+ health (NG), so if you don't do a lot of damage with each hit, bring a ring to slow weapon wear and tear. (8000's closer, ran ceastus and accumulated 3.6k hp, which appeared to very slightly under half (PC))
  • Killer her with an invasion DOES add sin (Tested and confirmed with PC 5/8/14 using empirical and reproducible results. Preemptively accumulated enough sin to be labeled "sinner," then allowed blue invasions until "sinner" status was reduced to the minimal possible of 9 sin points and the standard "--" status returned. Invaded and killed Lucia, resulting in a status change from "--" to "sinner," having reached the 10th sin point from killing her).
  • Magic

  Magic Shield can block her WotG and chime bashing effectively, while Lightning Watcher's Shield, Lightning Mastodon Greatshield or Havel's Greatshield can completely block her lightlning miracle without receiving damage.

  • WARNING CHEAP STRATEGY: Using a ground-pounding weapon like the large club, repeatedly pound Licia into the ground where she will be completely unable to fight back. Use poison weapon or moon butterfly armor to inflict poison to slightly speed up the battle.
  • No seriously, all you need to do is punch her to death like any other NPCs besides the Greatsword guy. Just keep mashing the R1 and never stop, and it will interrupt anything she tries to do. For best results, use a Poison Caestus. (Using a Caestus and hitting her just before she used miracles meant there was no resistance at all, use a Chloranthy ring (+1/2) if needed for stamina regen between hits.)
  • HEXER Easy Strategy: The Profound Still hex will block her Miracles and she starts attacking with her chime instead.
  • It remains possible to push her off of a cliff when she moves to Majula. Using the Parrying Dagger, one can walk her up the stairs and off of the cliff next to the Covenant of Champions. The dagger's poke will interrupt any cast or attack attempted.

  When you enter the room, she will not be visible but will quickly appear on the left side of the pillar. Essentially, your battle strategy can be to use the pillar to circle her, get behind her and backstab. It is a good idea to raise your shield when she begins casting if you don't think you can hit her immediately, as your shield will block the AOE if she casts Wrath of the Gods. If you have a poison buffed weapon, about 4 hits will seal the effect. Poison is an excellent way to drain about 1000 HP from her per application. Circle her and backstab when you are able.

  When she begins casting her heal spell, you can either move to interrupt or backstab her. If you are a high-level hex caster, Profound Stillcan be used to silence her, making this part of the battle much easier.

  When she dies she will drop the Saints Set (if you already received it due to high faith, you will get another set), her Idol Chime, the Rotunda Lockstone (allowing you to move the path), and the miracle Soothing Sunlight. You will then return to your world.

Another way to kill her requires the following:
A poison/bleed weapon
The profound still hex
Great heavy soul arrow
Your favourite sorceries/hex casting weapon
The king's mirror
An armour set that can reduce casting time (what worked for me was: black hood, lion mage robe, lion mage cuffs, and lion mage skirt)
And finally the lingering dragoncrest ring, the clear bluestone ring, and the chloranthy ring
The basic strategy is get her to half health with great heavy soul arrow, and if need be defend with the king's mirror since it blocks wrath of the gods at a bit of a distance, and once she is down to half hit her with your bleed/poison weapon until she dies. At this point you must be relentless in hitting her because she can still hit back with her weapon and do some pretty mean damage.




  • Avoid attacking her early on. She has high health and can easily kill a new character. Her AI may be exploitable to kill her more easily, however. She only fights with miracles and lacks poise so a player could stun-lock her until she dies if they are careful.
  • If you are playing as a mage, use Profound Still. She will be unable to cast, making defeating her easy.
  • If you kill her a tombstone will appear, if you pray at the tombstone and pay 7000 souls it resurrects her as a ghost above the tombstone and will still sell you her items and miracles. It is not known if there are any additional faith or covenant requirements for the tombstone to appear.
  • She is also required for the Gathering of Exiles achievement. So make sure that you have it before killing her.
  • Instead of purchasing a Cleric's Sacred Chime, one can be found on the ground in Majula.
  • I shot her from long range at her original spot above the Dragon Rider, curious to see if killing her gives you the lockstone or if she drops it on the ground. Unfortunately she drops it on the ground, so you can't use this method to skip fighting the Dragon Rider altogether.
  • Easy method for killing her: Attack her enough that she gets up. Then just punch her off the tower so she drops to her death and then rest at the bonfire to make her loot appear. (Do not exit the game before picking up her loot or it will disappear and you will be locked out of Huntsman's Copse.)
  • If you are hunting for achievements be sure to kill her for her spells before using bonfire acestic at Majula (Say if Cale the Cartographer has disappeared and you are trying to restore him to get his helmet).


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        the sixth bullet point in the “tips” section should be removed, not only is it written in first person (this is a wiki guys, not your personal blog) but it offers no tip at all, just a pointless anecdote about shooting her with a bow in a failed attempt to skip the dragon rider.

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              Okay I killed her using the lure to victor's stone and push to the ocean- method but in my foolishness (and perhaps out of habit for DS1 and fap- ring) I quit out to make her loot spawn and only afterwards read that it can make her loot not spawn and disappear completely.
              Luckily even if this guide warned about it, her (minus saint's set) had spawned where she usually is. Was a huge relief because I thought I messed up bad because I didn't read properly x)

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                She's a pain to kill with all that HP and the healing. If you can't stunlock, and you've got the stats for it, here's an easy strat: Profound Still + Toxic Mist.

                Toxic her right at the beginning and whack away til she's around 1/2-1/3 HP. Then reproc toxic and cast profound still. Whack away, she should die after that.

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                  I really like Licia. Because of how much story is conveyed without her really saying anything. She's a former saint or priestess who got run out of Lindelt, probably for being a huge con-woman. She overcharges for miracles, andalso tries to invade and rob the strongest person she knows (you) for kicks. But she also has a soft side and will happily give you her robes and a chime if you show that you are actually a very faithful person.

                  Like jeez, that's enough for a short story.

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                    It literally takes longer for a sword to break than for her to run out of healing. If only that was actually possible...

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                      easy strat is to get a 100% or high absorb and high stability shield and just tank WOG while backstabbing

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                        Easy method - poison her to get her to low hp without healing then just span R2 on drakewing to stun lock her

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                              "Easy method for killing her: Attack her enough that she gets up. Then just punch her off the tower so she drops to her death and then rest at the bonfire to make her loot appear. (Do not exit the game before picking up her loot or it will disappear and you will be locked out of Huntsman's Copse.)"

                              This is false. I quit and reloaded expecting to see her gear (like dark souls 1) but didnt see it. I read this and panicked by upon sitting at a bonfire her stuff did appear anyway.

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