Rusted Coin


An old rusted coin. Crushing the coin temporarily boosts luck.
This rusted coin gives you that little extra bit of luck, making items and the like easier to find.
The coin is engraved with the image of a god that was worshipped in ancient times, but no one knows its true origin."

Rusted Coin is a type of consumable in Dark Souls 2.




  • Using this item increases luck and item discovery calculation by 100 points in addition to base 150 - for 5 minutes.
  • Will also increase the chances of gaining a rarer item from Dyna and Tillo
  • These effects do not stack if more than one is used at a time.
  • Effects persist after quitting to the menu and returning to your character and after resting at a bonfire.
  • Effects do NOT persist after dying or using a Homeward Bone / Aged Feather (since the area is reloaded)
  • it should be noted that when used near an enemy you can see a particle effect



  • 1x (5x NG+) Rusted Coin in Things Betwixt, just before you go to the Firekeepers hut. In the grassy plain you arrive at, head to the right and there will be a small passage. Just inside the passage to the left you'll see a body with the coin on it.
  • One found in a chest in the tunnel leading to Forest of the Fallen Giants from Majula. (Chest is a mimic in NG+)
  • Dropped by the Bell Keepers  in Belfry Luna and Belfry Sol.
  • One behind a secret door in Lost Bastille, at the bottom of the room where you battle the Ruin Sentinels
  • 10 in a trapped chest in Pate's Den in Brightstone Cove Tseldora
  • 10 found at Shulva - Sanctum City in the building before the bridge that Sinh breathes fire on. They can be farmed by burning Bonfire Ascetic at Tower of Prayer bonfire (additional Bonfire Ascetic can be replenished at Dragon's Sanctum)
  • 5 are sold by Magerold of Lanafir, the merchant in Iron Keep



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    • Anonymous

      Well they could make this thing unlimited amount in iron keep dude its hard to farm without it you can feel its effect :/

      • Anonymous

        Effects persist after resting at a bonfire.
        Effects do NOT persist after using a Homeward Bone / Aged Feather (SINCE the area is reloaded)
        Yeh, because after resting at a bonfire the area is not reloaded???

        • Anonymous

          Here’s how to boost luck out the butt: jester cap + traveling merchant set + covetous gold serpent ring+2, Watchdragon Parma, and rusted coin

          • Anonymous

            Trying to farm a heide knight sword means taking all your free time after work and totally blowing it with no reward. Absolutely thankless game sometimes. Why did you do that FromSoft? Why did you take a weapon that was available immediately and make it impossible to get? What did we do to deserve this?

            • Anonymous

              Another thing they got right in DS3. Infinitely sold by the starter merchant for 200 souls each, where souls are worth even less (level 106 in DS2 is 15k souls, but 70k in DS3). That would be like Melentia selling Rusted Coins infinitely for 50 souls in this game. Too bad you can't mod that in without getting softbans and there's 0% chance of Fromsoft updating this game with random things like this and password matchmaking.

              • Anonymous

                my god, the drop rate of this game is horrible, if only the rusted coin were sold by some merchant (I would buy even if they cost 10,000 souls) would make it much easier at farm time to drop some item.

                • Anonymous

                  i've discovered that the particle effect does not show if you are wearing a ring that gives off a visual effect.i never got the particle effect even when nearby enemies, but i just took my cloranthy ring +2 off and now i get the effect whenever i use it.

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