Black Witch's Staff+10

icon wp physicalAttack 0 icon wp counterStrength 100
icon magicbonus 220(*263)(*205) icon wp poiseDamage 10
icon firebonus 220(*205)(*205) icon wp stability 15
icon lightningbonus 220(*205)(*205) icon durabilitiy 30
icon darkbonus 220(*205)(*263) icon weight 2.5
Requirements & Bonus
icon strength 22 icon dexterity 22 icon intelligence 22 icon faith 22
- - 20 20
icon magicbonus green icon firebonus green icon lgtngbonus green icon darkbonus green
Weapon Type Stave
Attack Type Spell/Strike
Enchantable No
Special No
*When infused: 212 magic dmg/287 elemental dmg

Black Witch's Staff is a weapon in Dark Souls 2.


Staff used by Leydia Witches. Imbued with a special magic, making it a catalyst for sorceries, miracles, and hexes.

Leydia apostles are adept at magic, and wielded unique weapons, but were deemed blasphemous and slaughtered.

Effect: Use Sorceries, Miracles, and Hexes. 

Acquired From


Hints and Tips:

  • This staff can be used to cast sorceries, miracles and all hexes, making it the most versatile staff in the game.


  • Extremely useful for allowing multiple different utility/buffs across all forms of sorcery with only using 1 slot in your equipment screen. Since buffs do not scale in Dark Souls 2, this staff is perfect as a non-primary utility/buff casting option on the go. ("Utility" as in useful for all non-offensive forms of sorcery like repair, hush, force, great magic shield, resonant flesh and others if the player does not want to use this as a primary sorcery option or any use magic but just wants to buff.)
  • You can also infuse the staff to make it be dedicated to specific magic, for instance infuse with Darknight Stone to make it Hex dedicated, and Faintstone to make it Sorcery dedicated.
  • Dark Black Witch's Staff is actually a decent staff for hexers, while being inferior to Sunset Staff, the ability of casting both Hex Miracle and Hex Sorcery cannot be overlooked, and it's actually superior to Dark Idol's Chime.
  • Thanks to the staff's versatility, you can perform extremely powerful combos that are impossible with normal staves.
  • A notable surprise tactic is to use this staff to cast Profound Still and then go for other spell casting to gain advantage over caster opponents.
  • However, even after infusion, the scaling is inferior to Lizard Staff, Sunset Staff and Staff of Wisdom.
  • Although inferior magic infused with 52 int still grant 441 magic bns, only 53 less than a magic staff of wisdom
  • The sheer varieties and combinations of spells you can cast with the Black Witch's Staff mitigates for the inferior scaling however.
  • Lightning scaling reaches B upon +10, but it cannot be infused with Boltstone, meaning that it is not quite as good as a lightning miracle chime.
  • curiosity testing showed that the staff produced a staff striking sound when functioning as a chime for many miracles and hex based miracles.
  • Sanctum Shield shares similiar feature of this staff, can be used for casting sorceries, miracles and all hexes as well, but the scaling is inferior to this staff.
  • Oddly, the bashing damage of this staff is actually quite decent due to its multiple attack values bonus.
  • The staff has fire damage and scaling which is odd considering it can't cast pyromancies.

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Black Witch's Staff Upgrades

  Attack ValuesBonus Parameter Bonus Auxiliary Effects Damage Reduction (%) Cast
icon wp physicalAttack
icon wp magdmg
icon wp firedmg
icon wp lightningdmg
icon darkbonus
icon Counter%26poisedamage
icon strengthscale green
icon dexscale green
icon magicbonus green
icon firebonus green
icon lgtngbonus green
icon darkbonus green
icon wp poisonbld
icon wp bleed
icon wp physicaldef
icon wp magicdef
icon wp firedef
icon wp lightningdef
icon wp darkdef
icon wp CastSpeed
Black Witch's Staff 0 110 110 110 110 100
    A C C A - - 25.0 30.0 20.0 20.0 20.0 120
Black Witch's Staff +10 - 220 220 220 220 ^ - - A C B A - - 25 30 20 20 20 120
Magic - 131 102 102 102 ^ - - A C C A - - 24.1 35 19.1 19.1 19.1 120
Magic +10 - 263 205 205 205 ^ - - A C B A - - 24.1 35 19.1 19.1 19.1 120
Dark - 102 102 102 131 ^ - - A C C A - - 24.1 29.1 19.1 19.1 26.6 120
Dark +10 - 205 205 205 263 ^ - - A C B A - - 24.1 29.1 19.1 19.1 26.6 120
  • Note: Requires normal titanite shards to upgrade. Enchantable with faintstone or darkstone.
  • Note: Efficient for using hexes, given how it works as both a chime and a staff.


Table Key

Archdrake Staff  ♦  Azal's Staff  ♦  Bat Staff  ♦  Bone Staff  ♦  Lizard Staff  ♦  Olenford's Staff  ♦  Retainer Staff  ♦  Sorcerer's Staff  ♦  Staff of Amana  ♦  Staff of Wisdom  ♦  Sunset Staff  ♦  Transgressor's Staff  ♦  Witchtree Branch


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    • Anonymous

      just know there's a timeline where this can cast pyros too to justify its fire aspect and i'll be forever miserable it's not this one

      • Had to raise my bandit's faith and intellect for the Navalaan questline and found myself able to use this when I went to the shulva. Helped a ton when clearing those spiders there.

        • Anonymous

          Stick with sorceries and hexes for offensive spells with this staff. The notably inferior lightning scaling means you're best off using heals and buffs, as far as miracles go.

          • Anonymous

            Hands down most versatile casting tool in the game, great for hex and melee combos, as well as the ability to heal. Casting AoEs like dark fog, Darkstorm, Profound Still and of course, scraps of life can be used to create distance and subsequently pull a great heal excerpt out of your ass, also being able to cast sorceries is just nice as a utility, but it should always be dark imo

            • Anonymous

              Listen to me... Y'all are fools. This staff is f***ing epic. It literally casts ALL sorceries, hexes, and miracles. Including those hexes that require chimes. So this + PF = all spells available to be cast.

              • Anonymous

                Overrated. This page's text was written by a fanboy, who clearly was writing with one hand on the keyboard and the other on his wang out of excitement for this weapon.

                • Anonymous

                  In case people are wondering, the various resistances enemies have against some types of elemental damage vs others can cause the actual damage to be much lower. The versatility of the weapon is not to be underestimated though. The raw damage posted may be high (in my case, around 1.5k) would only be possible on an enemy with no elemental damage resistance. Even so, One thing i like to do is toss on the clutch rings, and abyss ring, and use hexes to pull, then pummel the enemy to death. Pop a repair, and i'm good to go for next round. The crown of the Iron King keeps my spells up pretty high, so i don't have much to worry about. In a disturbing number of cases, I can do more with a melee swing, than I manage with a Hex!

                  • Anonymous

                    I need alot of jelping understanding this weapon, the player status tells me it can do 1400 damage, but i can figure out how to do more than 333 damage against a variety of npc enemies

                    • The Staff can be aquired by lighting all four fireplaces in Aldia's Keep and defeating the Red Phantoms that appear on each one. The Bone Dragon in the first Hallway will then trigger it's animation and drops Aldia's Key. With this key it is possible to open a door on the way the boss and use a lever that loosens all creatures in the keep. One of the wooden Mimics in the hallway then finally drops the staff!

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