Entity of Avarice

HP NG: 720 - 1,150
NG+: 1,350 - 1,500
Weakness Fire (Wooden)
Lightning (Metal)
Resistance ?
Respawns YES

Entity of Avarice is an enemy in Dark Souls 2.


Entity of Avarice Information

A monster which looks like (mimics) a regular chest but will attack the player when opened or struck. The mimic will gobble up any player standing close to it, a move which deals high damage and can kill a player outright.






Strategy Tips

  • Like the mimics of Dark Souls 1, these mimics are fairly easy to discern from regular chests. Wooden mimics have a small face-like ornament on their clasp. Black metal mimics have two clasps that ordinary chests do not have. Furthermore, if one moves their view to place a chest between the camera and their character, a normal chest will block it as if panning into a wall, while a mimic will not. If you angle your camera close to the ground so it zooms in on the front of the chest, mimic chest lids are slightly open which allows you to see the teeth. They do not seem to occasionally breathe the way the mimics did in DS1, but a Lloyd's Talisman will still disable them and make them offer their items without a fight.

    Both types of chests, metal and wooden, can be struck as a means of checking for mimicry. One must be careful however, not overdo it. If a player inadvertently destroys the chest when checking for a mimic (happens if you strike the chest 3 times), they will be left with Rubbish.

  • The easiest way to handle a mimic is to hit them several times while they are unfurling. If you have a fairly well upgraded weapon, they won't survive long.
  • After about 4-5 seconds they will lash out and grab anything in a moderately large range around them, probably leading to death. Once they are fully open, they have a number of leaping or gap-closing attacks, as well as a round kick. Their defense remains weak however, and their counter-window is seemingly quite large, making the Old Leo Ring very useful with the proper weapon. Both in front of it and behind it are unsafe, so hug its side to attack and then evade.
  • Using a Lloyd's Talisman on a mimic will disable it for easy killing or taking its drops without a fight, though leaving mimics alive is fairly pointless now that mimics have no random drop items like the Symbol of Avarice.
  • Using the pyromancies Poison Mist or Toxic Mist will let you damage a mimic without causing it to aggro. This also works if you are unsure a chest is a mimic, because it will not destroy a regular chest's contents.


Move Set

  • Two Handed Sword Attack
  • Running Attack
  • Acid Spit



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    • Anonymous

      20 May 2019 19:00  

      Note: They will grab you and do incredibly high amounts of damage as they reveal themselves after being hit, if you are standing close to them at all. It is best to smack them, let them assume their true form by backing off, then wallop it afterward.

      • Anonymous

        09 Jul 2017 23:14  

        This page says that mimics respawn- this is false. A mimic will not respawn unless the area is cycled to a higher level of NG- either through a bonfire ascetic or through actually going into NG+ (and beyond).

        • Easiest way to kill a mimic29 Aug 2016 10:59  

          I would argue, that the easiest way to kill a mimic is to wear a piece of the moon butterfly set and stand near it, as the armor can kill a mimic with poison, without the mimic being able to attack. This is also an easy way to check chests for mimics, as it deals no damage to normal chests.

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