Profound Still

profound still
Spell Type



20 Intelligence
42 Faith

icon attunementSlots Used

2 Slot

Spell Uses

1 - 3


Short range

Profound Still is a Hex in Dark Souls 2. To cast a Hex, you must use a staff/chime or Special Weapons that can cast Hex.



"A hex created by an ostracized cleric.
Blocks the spells of nearby casters.

This hex, born of jealousy and humiliation, is a focus of dark thoughts. The very things that reflect the true essence of life itself.

Catalyst: sacred chime"

Acquired From



  • Unleashes a wave of dark energy around the caster, any enemies caught within the cast are unable to cast spells for 30 seconds. Casting time is a factor when using this hex; planning and forethought are strongly recommended when using this hex.
    Unlike its counterpart Vow of Silence in Dark Souls, this one does not lock the user who cast this spell, user can take this as advantage and cast spell while the others can't

  • Also capable on leaving an aura onto invisible enemies in Shaded Woods, making them be slightly clearer with the marking. Not very helpful, but better than nothing.

  • It complete disables all attacks of Aldia Warlocks since they do not have any mean of melee attacks other than AOE magic explosion.


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    • Anonymous

      Don't use this against desert sorceresses. Becease you make them kinky with this.

      They wil litraly chase you the to either spank you with there mirror, or they literally wanna give you a desperate kiss of death. Or they give it to you both if it are 2 desert sorceresses to get a threesome

      I litraly got a threesome from them becease i wanna see what they would do without them being able to use there pyromancy against me. And it scared the sh*t out of me when i saw that they would chase me just becease they become to horny cause of that hex.

      • Anonymous

        As a Sorcerer, the first time this was used against me, I thought “What kinda Yu-Gi-Oh trap card sh*t is this??”

        • Anonymous

          The icon for this spell has the miracle sign from demon’s souls in the background... i just noticed this ._.

          • The Aldia Warlocks can do other magic attacks besides an AOE explosion. They can cast dark orb and a dark bolt that looks very similar to the dark magic spell Deep Soul from Dark Souls 3. It's a shame we can't get it ourselves in dark souls 2. Also I really wish we could obtain their dark AOE spell that's like a dark version of WoTG. It's much faster than darkstorm and probably much more reliable (in PVE at least).

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