Leydia Witch

HP NG: 900
NG+: 1,240
NG+7: 3,358
Weakness Profound Still
Resistance ?
Respawns YES

Leydia Witch is an enemy in Dark Souls 2.


Leydia Witch Information

Witches who worship the god of disease, Galib. They once resided in the Undead Crypt alongside the Fenito but over time grew conceited, misusing their power and usurping control of the Crypt's gateway. Their actions spurned the Grave Wardens and they were slaughtered as transgressors; their spirits now forcibly serve as guardians of the Crypt.

Fenito witches, also a member of Leydia Apostiles along with Leydia Pyromancer (referred by Leydia Gloves). Due to their magical power and loyality, they're served as security guards of the crypt, they will attack with a huge range of spells and are very dangerous from a distance. Spells they use include a modified form of Affinity, Lightning Spear, a form of Fire Storm, and two special sorceries not usable by the player. These witches can be deadly if you have low magic res. and are slow. They use different attacks, depending on your distance from them.






Strategy Tips

  • Far Range: You can stay behind pillars and walls, pop out every now and then to shoot them with arrows or magic.or just shoot and tank the damage (their Affinity is really weak - only a threat if multiple witches alternate casting and stunlock you with it)
  • Close range: Pop up every now and then and bash them until you're almost out of stamina. (Be careful and watch out for possible spells that they cast, especially Firestorm and Dark Fog)


Move Set

  • Affinity: far range attack. multiple dark homing soul masses, very low damage
    • Dark Damage
    • Can be Spell Parry/blocked
  • Lightning Spear: mid range attack, medium damage
    • Lightning Damage
    • Can be Spell Parry/blocked
  • Soul Shower: mid range attack, low to medium damage
    • Magic Damage
    • Can be Spell Parry/blocked
  • Firestorm :used when player gets close, very high damage
    • Fire Damage
    • Cannot be Spell Parry/blocked
  • Dark Fog: very rarely used
    • Poison Damage
    • Cannot be Spell Parry/blocked
  • Double swipe: close range attack. uses staff to attack
    • Physical Damage
    • Cannot be Parried/blocked



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