Bone of Order


Online play item.
You will be punished for fleeing from other worlds by disconnecting unjustly. However, this charm will disperse the ire directed at you.
But sins are not easily buried, and there's no telling if you will be let off so easily next time. Each encounter in life is a precious turn of fate, and fate will not be cheated."

Bone of Order is a special Multiplayer item in Dark Souls 2.




After a certain amount of illegal disconnects from a multi-player session (usually while being invaded) the game puts a penalty on you. This penalty makes it so that you cannot summon or be summoned by other players. You can however, still be invaded. The bone of order is used in order to fully reconnect the player's character to the server.

Note: it appears that game crashes due to stability problems on the Xbox One are counted as illegal disconnects at this time and may necessitate the use of a Bone of Order. It is unclear at this time whether this is limited to crashes that occur when playing as a summoned or invading phantom, or when playing in online mode in general.



  • The player only gets one Bone of Order when they start the game. You do not receive any extra bones upon starting NG+ or higher.
  • After "a certain number" of hours, a Bone of Order will spawn at the location where the game begins in Things Betwixt. The range of time for a new Bone to spawn appears to be 10-14 hours of gameplay without illegal disconnects after using a Bone of Order.
  • You may need to quit and reload your game for the Bone of Order to spawn at Things Betwixt or travel to/from another area to trigger a reload of the map. If the item still does not show up, then you need to wait longer.


    • Anonymous

      01 Dec 2018 05:30  

      So my guess is once your NG+ and this happens your screwed then? If so RIP to my NG+3 file with my favorite weapons.

      • Anonymous

        28 Aug 2018 04:20  

        So I'm out of luck, I illegally disconnected too many times, and looked through my inventory multiple times and haven't seen the bone of order, and I'm In NG4, or is there some way to get another?

        • Anonymous

          28 Aug 2018 04:06  

          So, i just got the message saying my connection to other world was lost, yet not 10 seconds after that message and loading in, i get invaded, WTF??? While im here, i want to say I only DC because everyone that invades is a douche. if you want to pvp, put your sign down and face people who ACTUALLY want to fight you. i have no desire to pvp. the response i see a lot to this statement is to "just play offline", but did you know that you cannot do a certain thing called jolly cooperation when your offline? Another thing you hear a lot from the invaders is that to DC is a douche move, and to that i say, nay, forcing your min/maxed pvp specific no lifer build into my pve casual build is WAY more douchier; oh and the fact that you have the timing for EVERY weapon's dodge timing down to the millisecond is complete BS. if you want to invade, atleast have the decency to put yourself on the host's level and give the host a fighting chance.

          • Anonymous

            22 Jul 2018 23:39  

            Can't believe people are butthurt about a mechanic in the game. They say they don't like being invaded, buhuuu, then burn a human effigy, boom, there you go. Have an emergency and you were invaded? Be AFK, what is the problem with dying once? Maybe the invader will even wait for you. No matter the case, ALT+F4 is a cowardly action and goes against the game's intention. The mechanic is called "invasion", not "friendly visit".

            • Anonymous

              06 May 2018 05:38  

              im a good pvpeer and pveer and i never disconected from whatever it was and the problem with me i that the better i get in pvp the worst i get in pve and im 455 with 57 lvl in all stats

              • Anonymous

                21 Jan 2018 04:58  

                I am a PvE player. Always have been, always will be. I do not invade others and almost never play PvP in any game. Both me and my friend have this opinion on invasions: They are a HUGE nuisance. I do not have any Sin, so I only get invaded about 3 times per area, whereas my friend has atoned for his Sin and gets invaded once every 5 minutes. The one thing is, by the time they have entered, I only have just opened my menu or just noticed that they invaded. I have no time to get out my Raw Hand Axe +10. Since I am in NG+, most invaders are way too good to get smashed to the ground by a Great Club. I hate invasions, and often leave the game to avoid their most inconvenient timing, but that is my play style getting in the way of it. I cannot win invasions. That is why I am punished.

                • Anonymous

                  04 Oct 2017 04:36  

                  well thus titslly sucks hardily even on for the last 3 mknths and when I do log in it tells Me I need a bone of order after xbone GLITCHED AND YOUR SERVER STUCK ME IN A WALL!!!??? WHAT IS GOING ON??? ME THINKS XBONE AND THE SERVER SHOULD USE A BONE OF ORDER IN ORDER TO FIX THIS GLITCH...

                  • Anonymous

                    05 Sep 2017 22:43  

                    It will activate from co-op disconnects on PC, me and my friends have had server issues where 1 of us never fully loads and gets stuck on the loading screen, alt+f4ing on this apparently counts enough we've had to use a bone of order after disconnecting too many times

                    • Anonymous

                      04 Jul 2017 16:52  

                      I got the penalty because I kept turning off my Ps3 after I got sick of fighting laggy red phantoms so rage quit AFTER the fight not during.

                      • Anonymous

                        14 Jun 2017 15:55  

                        I have a serious question here:

                        But first, my situation.
                        I want to beat DS 2 without dying or using bonfires (the way to get those to unique rings, Illusory Ring of a Conqueror & Illusory Ring of the Exalted). Since it is FATAL being invaded while doing these challanges (either you need your heal items badly, and you just must not die), turning off multiplayer through burining effiies is not possible (you cant sit at a bonfire, bruuh).

                        SO, if i happen to ALT+F4 during an invasion, does that count as a death? I dont even really care about the ban from multiplayer, i just want to know if i screwed up getting the ring Illusory Ring of a Conqueror?

                        • Anonymous

                          07 May 2017 08:43  

                          Honestly, I think the pvp in DS2 is all around pretty good... Hosts get to heal, invaders get to... well... invade

                          And all around, Dark Souls advertisez themselves as a difficult game

                          if you like being online but not pvp use the ring of binding and a few points into your VIG stat to cover the loss... I mean come on, DS1 was NOT that forgiving, lighten up and play to win or just dont play Dark Souls

                          • Anonymous

                            01 May 2017 16:56  

                            I lost the count on how many hate messages I got from disconnecting in PVP. Yet, I only had to use 1 bone of order so far. So much fun!

                            • Anonymous

                              29 Apr 2017 18:31  

                              PvP is always fair, and if anything is stacked in the favour of the host. Many choices of fast healing options and being able to summon phantoms. All PvP is based on Soul Memory, so you'll be matched with people who got the same total amount of souls as you. If you're being overpowered by other players you just didn't invest your souls in a good way. If you can't handle invasions just play offline

                              • Anonymous

                                12 Jan 2017 07:34  

                                I don't really mind invades in the second DS. Maybe because it's a much more balanced game overall and because it familiarizes you with the concept early on by spawning NPC invaders. But most importantly, you don't have to sacrifice your precious humanity at the bonfire in order to spawn some NPCs near the boss fight area, only to be invaded by some asshole and get killed on the way there.

                                I guess the only valid complaint is that the game is really selfish for punishing you if you gotta do an emergency bail out - what if something was burning on the stove, the kid was playing with knives, or the house was on fire? Seriously, though, anybody who's playing Dark Souls is a *****ing nerd with no other obligations or responsibilities, so the argument is invalid.

                                • Anonymous

                                  21 Dec 2016 03:10  

                                  I did that on purpose, i just didnt want to lose my 400.000 souls lol. enough for level up two levels. after get killed and get back on bonfire, it was less than 5 seconds before i get invaded. really? at least give me 20 seconds to be free of invasion after i leave the bonfire lol. i was gonna lose my souls if i didnt alt+f4. but its my mistake so i think is a fair punishment.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    20 Dec 2016 21:00  

                                    Oh sorry that I play it for the PVE and dont like forced PVP.
                                    I was just never a fan of it, in no game ever, its as simple as that, why dont they simply add a permanent option to disable invades? I love the messages, I love the multiplayer PVE, I hate PVP

                                    • Anonymous

                                      05 Nov 2016 03:07  

                                      Re: ????

                                      People don't always try to disconnect on purpose jackass. If they don't like being invaded, they don't like being invaded. It is only one mechanic dip***** and is not the point of the game, so you are thinking of the wrong game. *****, if the old school community is anything like condescending dip*****s such as yourself, then it is great that they are hardly a thing now. What a whiny ***** you are.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        ????11 Oct 2016 02:40  

                                        What the hell are you people *****ing about? Being invaded is part of the game. If you don't like it your playing the wrong game. ***** I miss the old school community. I'm guessing all you whiners play on the computer or Xbox.

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