Cracked Blue Eye Orb


Online play item.
Invade the world of the guilty.
Punish the guilty to strengthen
the bond with your covenant.

Cracked Blue Eye Orb is a multiplayer invasion item in Dark Souls 2.


  • Used to invade the worlds of the guilty
  • Invasion time lasts approximately 12 and half minutes.


  • Must be Human.
  • Must be a member of the Blue Sentinels Covenant.
  • Must be in an area where PvP is allowed.


  • Drop from Old Knights around Heide's Tower of Flame.
  • Can be obtained by winning duels via the Dueling Statues at the Blue Sentinels' Bonfire.
  • Can be obtained randomly from Dyna and Tillo by leaving smooth silky stones.
  • Can be purchased from Blue Sentinel Targray for 10,000 souls in NG+ (unlimited quantity). 


  • Cracked Blue Eye Orbs will summon you to any location. Not necessarily the one the player is currently in.
  • In addition to invading areas elsewhere of the player's current location, the Cracked Blue Eye Orb can invade places where the Guardian's Seal can't be used to be automatically summoned.
  • You do not gain any souls from killing your target whilst invading as an Arbiter Spirit.
  • Sold to Gavlan for 500 souls a piece. 


  • Eye Orbs were likely once derived from Behelits, eyed stones that serve as bridges between worlds Behelit - Berserk.

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    • Anonymous

      this item doesnt let you help players you invade like a red just your blu,e you get nothing out of it except 1 win for every sinner you kill specifically the host, and they take you to faraway lands like black gultch even though you invaded in dragon aviary. the covenant ring allows you to be summoned to aid way of blues as for the use of these orbs all thats stated in its description is true, but in honest opinion unless your really into glowing blue like a sparkly boi dont buy these. Not unless your maxed level with nothing better to do.

      • Anonymous

        It's a shame there is no reward for using it except increasing rank. Brotherhood of Blood at least get a Token of Spite for an invasion.

        • Anonymous

          For all that people who can't use the orb, check if you defeated the boss area, if you did, you can't use them

          • Anonymous

            If you can't use the item please look at the requirements for using this item in the requirements section above: - Must be Human. (Use a "Human Effigy" to become human) - Must be a member of the Blue Sentinels Covenant. (Talk to the man inside the cathedral of blue after you killed 'Old Dragonslayer') - Must be in an area where PvP is allowed. (After you've joined the Covenant and equip the ring that is given to you, the covenant crest next to your hp bar and stamina bar will glow blue when you're in an area suitable for pvp) When you use a "Cracked Blue Eye Orb" from your inventory, your character will drop to the ground 'activating it'. This will start a search for a world where a player is being invaded. If so, you will be teleported and you'll have the task to help the player defeat the invader(s). If there aren't any worlds for you to enter because there aren't any invasions in that particular area the search will tell you so and the orb won't be consumed. I hope this answers your question. With regards, Gabib

            • Anonymous

              What is the point of using these, I just did 11 or so in a row and nothing has changed and I have received nothing

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