Crushed Eye Orb


A crushed eye orb with an unfocused gaze.
The crush eye writhes unsteadily, in search of dishonorable miscreants.
Where are the fiends, where are they...."

Crushed Eye Orb is a special item in Dark Souls 2. It triggers an invasion of an NPC so it can be used offline.






  • In the Undead Crypt: After you pass Agdayne and enter the main, cavernous area with the bridge, fall down to your immediate left. there will be 2 hollows and a body with a soul and simpleton's spice on it. Climb up the ladder you come to, watching out for the ghost that pops out about 3/4 of the way up, and the Crushed Eye Orb is in a chest at the top.




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