Token of Fidelity


Token recognizing that the owner has traveled worlds to help others.
When in other worlds, it can also be used to restore the master of the world's HP, but this is only a secondary effect of the item. Simply carrying these tokens shows the depth of the holder's fidelity.

Token of Fidelity is a multiplayer item in Dark Souls 2.




  • You can use this item at the Cathedral of Blue to join the Blue Sentinels.
  • Members of the Blue Sentinels can use the tokens to spar against each other using the statues found in the basement of the Cathedral of the Blue. Unlike a Token of Spite, the Token of Fidelity is consumed after starting a duel.
  • As in the item description, using this item as a phantom will restore the master's health. This does not work for red phantoms. (Possible to restore as a blue phantom?)
  • One can hold a maximum of 99 at once, and carry 99 in your bottomless box, bringing the total one can have to 198.



  • By helping defeat a Boss as a White Phantom (to get a token of fidelity you need to use the White sign soapstone not the small white sign soapstone).
  • Acquired by Members of the Blue Sentinels upon successfully helping a Blue Apostle defeat an invading Red phantom.
  • A Token of Fidelity can be acquired by dropping down from the bridge leading to the Undead Purgatory. If you want to avoid the risky fall, reach the platform above the second bonfire's room in the Huntsman's Copse (go up the ladder and run off from the location the club wielding rogue, jumping will likely lead to falling off at the far end and rolling will likely lead to coming too short).
  • (NG+ and beyond only) Guaranteed drop from each of the 3 red phantom knights in Heide's Tower of Flame just before the Blue Cathedral.




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