Dragon Eye


Online play item.
Invade a world with a Dragon Scale
to claim the scale from its master.
If our human flesh is our greatest weakness,
then those who seek a form that imitates the
ancient dragons are true vanguards.

Dragon Eye is a multiplayer invasion item in Dark Souls 2.




  • Place down a summon sign to duel the host of a world, who must summon you in.
  • If you kill the Master of the World you are summoned to you will be given a Dragon Scale, should they defeat you after being summoned they will earn a dragon scale instead. Use said dragon scales to rank up in the Dragon Remnants.
  • However if both the Dragon Remnant member and host are killed at the same time (double KO), neither of them would receive a dragon scale, be forewarned.
  • Dragon Remnants do not have to be human to use the eye, and neither does the host have to be human to use the dragon sign. However, the host must not have any Phantom nor Dark Spirit nearby.
  • Unlike Cracked Red Eye Orb, Cracked Blue Eye Orb and Red Sign Soapstone, Dragon Remnants spawn right above their summon sign.
  • Cannot be summoned by Looking Glass Knight (needs confirmation)





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