Dragon Scale


A scale from the body of an ancient dragon.
Offer to the dragon to bring your own flesh
closer to that of the eternal ancient dragon.
Touching an ancient dragon scale
gives one a glimpse into the abyss.
Believers in the dragon will rise above
this petty corporeal existence."

Dragon Scale is a multiplayer & Covenant item in Dark Souls 2.




  • Turn in Dragon Scales to gain rank in the Dragon Remnants covenant
  • Unlike Dark Souls 1's counterpart, this one is not weapon upgrading material.



  • Rare drop from Black Dragon Knights before Ancient Dragon
  • Rare drop from Dragonfang Villard
  • Acquire by invading world of another player, using the Dragon Eye, and defeating the player.
  • Summoning a member of the Dragon Remnants covenant as an invader (using the Dragon Eye) and defeating them.
  • On a body near the elevator found after defeating the Guardian Dragon in Aldia's Keep.
    • You can actually farm the scales here without doing any PVP. Using a bonfire ascetic will respawn the Dragon Scale, but you will have to defeat the Guardian Dragon again. (Note: You can use a bonfire ascetic in Aldia's Keep, teleport to the eyrie bonfire, and simply go back down the elevator to get a new scale. Edit, As of Sotfs you must kill the guardian dragon to burn another Ascetic.)
  • The Imperfect near the third bonfire of Dragon's Sanctum


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    • Anonymous

      Kalameet has no known relationship to the abyss so far i know.
      He is just part of the ds1 dlc. I could becwrong of course but being a black dragon doesnt mean to be an abyssal dragon of some sort

      • Anonymous

        Imo, most polite and respectful covenant. Sucks that you can't summon more than one of them though
        Also probably the easiest one for just 30 dragon scales

        • Anonymous

          I personally love how 2 portrayed dragons. They felt like mystical creatures capable of things most could only dream of. And the dragon form actually looks amazing. In 3, (with very few exceptions) they just felt like animals in a nature reserve. And the only one with promise? Corrupted by the abyss and reverted into an animal. Hate me if you want, its perfectly fine. But I hated how 3 portrayed dragons... Oh yeah... and NGAAAA Goat...

          • Anonymous

            I’ve had some success in the 3-5 million bracket using the eye at the Ivory King bonfire on PS4 recently. I had 4 or 5 different people there summon me a few times and earned 11 dragon scales last night. If you are in this bracket I would suggest trying your luck there. I gave the Iron Keep Bridge a shot but only got one match.

            • Anonymous

              I am terrible at PVP so if anyone can ever help that'll be nice. I'll ever help you back. I only have it for Xbox One. Gamertag is KILLERKILLER72 (yes it's stupid I know this)

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