Small White Sign Soapstone

small white sign soapstone

Online Play Item.
Leave summon sign.
Be summoned as a shade to another world in order to help that world's master for a certain time. You will be rewarded for successfully assisting the other player.
The effect is not as long-lived as that of the White Sign Soapstone, and it is used only in particular places.

Small White Soapstone is a multiplayer item in Dark Souls 2.




  • Creates a summon sign that allows you to enter someone else's game as a shade. This means you can assist players in their world even if their world bosses are dead or if the area has no world boss.
  • Shades have a very limited time in the hosts's world, and their soul memory restrictions are different than those of the White Sign Soapstone



  • At the Forest of Fallen Giants, going up a set of stairs from the Cardinal Tower bonfire. The stone is inside of a chest in the room with the hole that shows a tree and the bonfire below. (Please Note that there is no need for the Key; you can simply bash open the locked door)



  • Not to be confused with White Sign Soapstone. If you wish to receive covenant-related items from your coop, such as Token of Fidelity or Sunlight Medal, you will want to use that instead.
  • Offers a short duration of play by default, see the table below for exact times. 
  • Each kill, by you or the host, shortens the duration, and tougher enemies typically subtract larger amounts of time. Causing the time to run out is still considered a victory, and the summoned player will be rewarded as such.
  • Killing a red soapstone summon will not decrease your summoning time. Killing a cracked orb invader will decrease your summoning time drastically.
  • White Shades cannot use Estus if there is a red soapstone summon in the world.
  • Can be used to be summoned regardless of if the boss of said area has been destroyed, though you will be sent back if the host goes through the boss fog-gate again.
  • Shortly before running out of time, co-op summons will become darker in appearance. At two minutes remaining they'll appear a bit darker, and at one minute remaining they'll dim down once again to their darkest shade. 
  • The small white soapstone has a summoning range that goes further downwards that the white sign soapstone.
  • If you have planted your sign and the "Your summon sign has disappeared" message appears, means you're going to be invaded by another player.

Multiplayer Time Limits

See Online for a complete list of multiplayer timers.

Item Time Limit
Small White Sign Soapstone 8 min 20s
Small White Sign Soapstone w/ Name-Engraved Ring 12 min 30s



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