Promised Walk of Peace

Spell Type



30 Intelligence
40 Faith

Attunement SlotsSlots Used

2 Slot

Spell Uses



Self, Large AoE

Promised Walk of Peace is a Hex in Dark Souls 2. To cast a Hex, you must use a staff/chime or Special Weapons that can cast Hex.



A hex created from an ancient miracle of unknown origin. Slows the walking pace of its caster and those in the vicinity.
To stand and glare at one another, steaming with ire and wrath, but without making a move.
Such is the nature of peace.

Acquired From

  • DLC Crown of the Sunken King. Located near the second bonfire, Tower of Prayer (Shulva). Before going on the platforms to the bonfire you see some statues with red eyes, destroy them with magic etc. and you will see a pillar (the ones to move platforms) shoot it with a bow and a platform will rise. Alternatively, careful aiming allows you to hit the pillar without destroying any statue.

    Now enter the cave which is now accessible and you will come into a room with a strange tree, there are two corpses one of them holds it.

    Firebombs can reach the statues to destroy them. Stand at the edge of the cliff and aim a bit above the statues and the firebombs should reach. You need a direct hit so bring a few bombs.

    If you don't have miracles or requirement for them you can still get it. When looking at the statues, look down, and you will see the platform that you're trying to raise.
    Jump down on it and you can shoot arrows from there without destroying the statues beforehand.

    Can also drop from the Petrify Statue Clusters in Cave of the Dead (which can only be killed if you hit them just at the base).



  • Catalyst:Sacred Chime

  • When affected by this hex, your weight changes visibly in your Equipment window. The increase is always 40% of your current equipment weight percentage. This means that if you have 20% equip load, you will have 28% while affected by Promised Walk of Peace.

  • At 32 attunement, this spell has 3 uses, and at 60 attunement, this spell has 4 uses.




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    • Anonymous

      Tried breaking the statues with free aimed spells and normal arrows. No luck! Equipped cat ring, dropped down to platform and had the perfect angle to take the shot. Wouldn't have thought to do it if not for this wiki. Thanks guys

      • Anonymous

        The stumpy fellow that dwells at the spell's location is by far the cutest thing in the game. Never kill him please! I love him and he only drops three useless roots (of very slow heal).

        • I killed all the clusters in The Cave of the Dead on NG to their respawn limit and Promised Walk of Peace did NOT drop, so it's not guaranteed. I wore Covetous Gold Serpent Ring, etc. and dropped my summon sign at the start every lap I ran, so I still got a good chunk of Twinkling Titanite from drops and Sunlight Medals from boss summons, so I guess it wasn't a total waste of time.

          • Anonymous

            One of moving turtles on a way to grave robbers drop the spell for me. Not that i need it or can use it but have 2 now. I think DS have too many spells intended for PvP only. Promised Walk of Peace have 40 faith requirement takes 2 slots and very situational even in PVP. I am curios does anyone use it? I don't see any use in PVE.

            • Anonymous

              It's possible to just use bow and arrow to hit the switch even with the red status still up. To do that stand on the furthest back as you can when facing the status, which is low enough that you will see a huge portion of the switch revealing. Make sure it is revealed by a good portion else the statue can still block your arrows.

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