Aldia Key

Aldia Key

Key used in the mansion of Aldia.
King Vendrick condemned his own elder brother to the mansion.
They both sought the truth, but through different means, and their fervor meant the eventual withering of their familial ties.

 Aldia Key is a Key Item in Dark Souls 2.




  • Opens door on the right in Aldia's Keep Main Corridor. This allows you to circle behind the second Cyclops and kill from behind.



  • Location for Scholar of the First Sin Edition
    • The key is dropped by the bone dragon at the entrance to Aldia's Keep. You need to ignite the four braziers in the area, which will spawn four invaders. After that, returning to the entrance will trigger the dragon's animation.
  • Location of The Braziers:
    • Third floor of the entrance hall (where the dragon skeleton lies), turn right in front of the basilisk in the cage.
    • First floor of the entrance hall, right behind the head of the dragon skeleton.
    • On the way to the boss, near the caged ogres, on the left.
    • Outside the corrosive pool, where is located near the second bonfire.
  • Location for normal edition
    • Located on a corpse in the Acid-Pit left from the second bonfire in Aldia's Keep, guarded by two Mutant Dogs.
      • Be careful of equipment poison (It will break your armour and rings), try luring out the 2 monsters out of the cage first to obtain the items.


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    • Is there any hint at all in the game to we are supposed to light those things to get the key ?
      Other than player's messages I mean...
      This feels like the "trick" at the Peak all over again...

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