Tower Key

Tower Key.png

Key that opens the door to Brume Tower.
Long ago, the tower used to produce
a seemingly endless supply of iron.
The King used it to create iron soldiers
and an iron castle. Legend has it he even
tried his hand at forging a dragon out of iron.

 Tower Key is a Key item in Dark Souls 2.







  • In an ash field guarded by 3 Iron Warriors in lower Brume Tower.
  • The ash field can be found after taking the Scorching Iron Scepter to the device near the foyer bonfire and activating the elevators. Once you activate the elevators, take the elevator down one level. To the left will be an entrance to a hallway that leads to a room with barrel warriors and beyond that the ashen field. There will be numerous bodies and items lying around on the ashen field. The 3 Iron Warriors will emerge from the ash as you walk around. You can run back to the hall way so that you can fight the iron warriors individually. Once you defeat them, you can find the tower key on one of the bodies hanging near the edge of the cliff.


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