Dull ember


An ember radiating a dull light.
This flame seems nearly exhausted, but exhibits an eerie resilience.
Perhaps this is its ordinary state?

 Dull Ember is a Key item in Dark Souls 2. It has special importance for weapon upgrades.




  • Give the dull ember to Steady Hand McDuff at the Lost Bastille to gain access to Infusions, the application the special upgrade stones.
  • It is the only blacksmith's ember available in the game and functions as an all-purpose upgrade for all elemental types.




  • The dull ember is found at the Iron Keep, in the first large open area, after you lower the draw bridge, walk up the bridge, roll down and go right. (You may first want to kill an archer on your left before the first fog). Run and jump towards the chest that contains the Zweihander opposite the fog, then run and jump again towards the metal platform without falling into the lava below. There will be a corpse almost falling off the ledge that has the ember.


  • (Note: This only applies to PS4, Xbox One & PC versions of SOTFS) After the Pursuer Boss Fight, head for the small nest at your right and examine it. Then you will travel to the Lost Bastille - The Tower Apart Bonfire, where there are two iron chests with the ember inside one of them.


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    • Anonymous

      07 Apr 2018 23:51  

      I am playing Dark Souls II SotFS on Playstation Now. The ember is NOT where it says it's supposed to be. I haven't made it to the fire keep yet. Could it be PS Now has the versions mixed up?

      • Anonymous

        10 May 2017 05:59  

        Ps3/360/dx9 dark souls sotfs is basically a dlc pack. Thats it. They made us all think that it would have new stuff besides dlc, but it doesnt.

        • Anonymous

          Dull ember19 Sep 2016 21:18  

          Anyone know where the ember is ? I checked the corpse on the broken stairway and it was only a petrified bone

          • Anonymous

            Why people in PS3/X360/DX9 Versions of SoTFS do not get the chests29 Aug 2016 10:56  

            The Scholar of The First Sin edition for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and DirectX9 do not include new item and enemy placements, just the new content. Meanwhile, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and DirectX11 versions of The Scholar of The First Sin get the new content ALONG with new item and enemy placements. The Dull Ember, for the Old Gen will be located on Iron Keep, as it was on the Base Game.

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