Dragon Talon

Dragon Talon.png

A terribly worn dragon talon.
Legend has it that in the deepest reaches of the Black Gulch, behind a door locked from the inside, is a magnificent city built for a great sleeping dragon.
This talon clearly dates to ancient times, but great vitality emanates from it still.


Dragon Talon is a Key item in Dark Souls 2.






  • Added to inventory after the player purchases the Crown of Sunken King DLC or the Lost Crowns Season Pass.
  • In Scholar of the First Sin, after acquiring the forgotten key down in the gulch, head back to Majula and jump down the well. There will be a ladder that will lead to a forgotten door. inside will be 3 chests and a corpse. The corpse contains the Dragon Talon. If you pay Laddersmith Gilligan 12,000 souls for the longest ladder, getting to the forgotten door is easier. (Automatically added to inventory on Xbox 360 and PS3).


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