Soldier Key


"Key to the soldier's door in the Forest of Fallen Giants."
"A fort was erected in the forest to face the Giants, but now the soldiers are lost and Hollowed."
"They are enfeebled, but not without honor, and continue to steadfastly defend their country."

Soldier Key is a Key item in Dark Souls 2.



Used to unlock various gated brown doors throughout the Forest of Fallen Giants.

  • Used to unlock the door right above the Cardinal Bonfire.
    • This door can also be broken by attacking it.
  • Used to unlock the area to The Pursuer.
  • Used to open the pathway to the King's Gate and the Place Unbeknownst.
    • This area can also be reached by doing a tricky jump from the broken castle wall right outside the Cardinal Bonfire.
  • Used to unlock the door beside the Pharros Contraption in the ballista room.
    • If you attack this door a few times the hollows inside the next room will open the door from the inside.
  • Used to open the door to the Soldier's Rest bonfire.



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