Heavenly Thunder

Spell Type



17 Faith

Attunement SlotsSlots Used

1 Slot

Spell Uses



Short Range AoE

Heavenly Thunder is a Miracle in Dark Souls 2. To cast a Miracle, you must use a chime or Special Weapons that can cast Miracle.



"Emits lightnings in random directions.
Scholars bicker over whether this is the original Lightning Spear, or a derivative.

One can never gain full control of the power of the Gods, but with a little favor from lady luck, this spell will destroy your foes."

Acquired From

  • Purchased from Blue Sentinel Targray after joining the Blue Sentinel covenant.
  • Purchased from Cromwell the Pardoner for 3300



  • Fires erratically, and does high damage with pillars of lightning.
  • Essentially a lightning version of Fire Tempest. While it is faster to cast, the lightning strikes are more random and don't linger as long as the Fire Tempest per strike. It's also not as likely to even hit a target in the first place, making it a risky choice.
  • Recommended against groups of enemies.
  • Also extremely useful when standing in water, as the lightning will spread and cause nearly all the water immediately around you to become damaging to enemies.
  • Perfect for slow large enemies, such as Ancient Dragon boss. In the last one's case just run under him, spam the miracle until you're out of stamina and then get out to avoid his fire breath attack.
  • This miracle has, by far, the highest potential miracle damage per attunement slot in the game against several large enemies and bosses, especially while standing in water.
    • While in water, with around 50 faith and a fully upgraded lightning-infused chime, it is possible to deal over 2,000 damage with a well-timed and well-placed cast. 
    • While not in water, the miracle may still deal upwards of 1,400 damage per cast against large enemies.
  • Due to the fast casting speed of this miracle, it may often be cast consecutively to severely reduce the chances of a "whiff", as well as to double the damage.
  • Since the individual lightning bolts are somewhat narrow, it is relatively common for this spell to entirely miss small or player-sized enemies. However this issue is irrelevant in water, where the lightning arcs and causes the bolts to become much wider.
  • This miracle can be quite effective against shielded enemies, because the bolts will often bypass the shield. 


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    • 21 Apr 2021 13:02  

      In pvp (particularly the arena) the is useful, and can even compete with scraps of life, because while scraps of life throws opponents and gives you valuable downtime, heavenly thunder instead staggers your opponent , but leaves them standing, so if they move there is a good chance the can get hit a second time, dealing much more damage than scraps of life

      • Anonymous

        21 Jul 2020 18:50  

        This thing works wonders against the Imperfect in the Sunken City when farming Petrified dragonbones. I use a Lightning infused Dragonchime at 99 Faith and each thunder does about 2000 Dmg if hit properly. This miracle is awesome!

        • Anonymous

          26 Jul 2018 23:43  

          Use this after a riposte. Your opponent can stay and get hit by lightning, or run away, reducing the chance of them getting hit but allowing you to cast a heal, buff, or chug Estus.

          • Anonymous

            30 Nov 2017 12:08  

            I love this miracle because, contrary to the similar ones of other elements, it does not knock down the opponent when hitting it, which gives the opportunity to receive more than one.

            • Anonymous

              01 May 2017 01:12  

              I love this spell, it is literally a must have on ANY faith build (well, unless you're mostly melee and only wanting faith for heals or buffs since you probably wont have many slots...). I know its supposed to be random, but i swear i hit at least twice each cast and it hits like a *****ing truck.

              • Anonymous

                05 Apr 2017 07:45  

                If you tell me that there's a more entertaining weapon/spell to use on Royal Rat Vanguard than this, you'd be lying.

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