Soothing Sunlight

Spell Type



52 Faith

Attunement SlotsSlots Used

2 Slot

Spell Uses



Large AOE heal

Soothing Sunlight is a Miracle in Dark Souls 2. To cast a Miracle, you must use a chime or Special Weapons that can cast Miracle.



"A special miracle passed down through the ages.
Greatly heals HP of self and nearby allies.

This miracle, once kept by the Lindelt Monastery, was stolen and never recovered."

Acquired From



  • Range is greatly extended compared to other healing spells allowing you to assist players from a safer distance.
    Holding the casting key allows you to perform the first half of the animation and then pause until players are close enough.
  • As invaders, you can heal nearby enemies and The Looking Glass Knight with this spell.
  • Heals 700 HP.


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    • Anonymous

      Really great spell for sunbroing at boss fogs, where normal heal is too hard to coordinate. At some bosses the range covers nearly half the arena, so even if the host doesn't 'get it' they still wander into the heal. With bigger arenas, it's often the only heal that will actually get to the host at all.

      I've had the best luck casting it after dodging behind bosses. If you can't get behind, the cast time is too long and you'll get interrupted. With rolling behind + bluestone ring there's usually enough time to cast and then dodge the next attack. NPC summons also ALWAYS bum rush the boss, so it'll always give them a bit of health too. Pair it with denial on quicker bosses.

      Also super useful to cast when you see an inexperienced host running at a boss' AOE charge up, even if you're back a ways. The AOE blast often launches the host back into the healing aura.

      Even doing all that though, 50% of hosts will either not trust you and chug estus immediately, or won't be confident enough in their dodging to wait if you use it after a hit. If they chug, it's still useful, because the heal is basically instant versus the slow HP build-up from estus, but it works better pre-emptively, when the host is panic rolling.

      TLDR: Due to long cast time, use it before the host knows they're going to get hit.

      • Anonymous

        if you are planning on being a team healer, this spell is a must have. while most other miracles can heal allies, the range on this thing is way more then the animation makes it out to me, which is already pretty big. It does not heal as much as great heal but its range makes up for that. If you scale it down and use it on a low soul memory coop healer, it really is one of the best miracles for coop. Especially during bosses. ^-^

        • Anonymous

          So I used the eye orb and invaded her and killed her on my 2nd try, as she killed me once, but after I killed her I only got the lockstone, no miracle? So what did I do wrong? I have to go to ng+5 now

          • Anonymous

            This heal is the only one worth taking with you once you get it, except great heal excerpt for personal healing. It allows you to heal without worry of the world master running away from you! You can ACTUALLY heal with this! IDK if this is right, but i'm pretty sure from personal experience that it heals more than great heal as well.

            • Anonymous

              THIS SUCKS have to get three more trophies before I have to kill her so almost an entire new play through

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