Splintering Lightning Spear

Spell Type



50 Faith

Attunement SlotsSlots Used

1 Slot

Spell Uses



AoE Splintering Lightning Spear

Splintering Lightning Spear is a Miracle in Dark Souls 2. To cast a Miracle, you must use a chime  or special weapons that can cast Miracles.



"Developed from a primal miracle. Launch splintering spears of lightning.
Ever since miracles came to be, learned men have endeavored to rework and remold them to their satisfaction. This is one such effort"

Acquired From

  • After the second bonfire of the Crown of the Ivory King,  there is a tower located above the drop down to the bridge where the player finds the Eye of the Priestess.
    Climbing up the ladder attached to the tower leads to a metal chest containing this miracle. The ladder is unseen before obtaining the Eye, but can still be used.



  • Despite being named Splintering Lightning Spear, this miracle bears little resemblance to the other Lightning Spear-type miracles. When fired, this spear creates a sigil in the air above your targeted enemy (if locked on) which rains lightning bolts in a tight radius, almost like a concentrated form of heavenly thunder, albeit slightly weaker.
  • Where to find Splintering Lightning Spear
  • DLC: Crown of the Ivory King.


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    • Anonymous

      Huh this is actually what soul of cinder uses when casts a bolt to the sky. Never made the relation till naw
      Tho truth be said, his version is much better

      • Anonymous

        pretty shitty, has long cast time, deals mediocre damage, rarely will damage more than one enemy, stick with heavenly thunder or blinding bolt instead

        • Anonymous

          Why would anyone ever use this spell in PVE?
          -The bolts seem to be limited to one or two hits per enemy, heavenly thunder is not. One bolt of heavenly thunder deals around the same damage as this spell.
          -normal lighting spear and emit force deal more damage and have a faster casting time, more uses, less faith requirement.
          -Heavenly thunder damage on large basilisk deals more than 2000 damage, this spell does not even come close to half.

          • Anonymous

            this spell has 1 problem, despite the MASSIVE amoun t of spears, it can only hit 1 time... UNLIKE hthunder

            • Anonymous

              I'm probably late to this but out of all souls games 1,,2, 3 and demon souls I think DS2 has the best spells. I don't use them just for projectiles but for the feeling of being magical. Dark souls 3 even max faith or intelligence feels like I'm throwing colors but not much else. Demon souls I'll admit my spells were powerful but a scant few of them. DS1 good spells but nowhere near the vicinity of variety in DS2. Its a fact.

              • Anonymous

                This miracle isn't bad, just very awkward to handle. In a PvE scenario its best against large enemies, I'm not too sure how to properly use this in PvP, perhaps you could cast it in water to cause multiple lightning shockwaves?

                • Anonymous

                  I am almost sure that this miracle is limited to 2 hits per enemy since whenever I use it only the first rays damage the target while the others pierce it.

                  • Anonymous

                    How can I do more damage with this thing? I noticed it does good damage against enemies but might as well be good for a tickle against bosses.

                    • Anonymous

                      Everyone whines about it, but no one takes the time to learn how to use it properly. I'll have you know, that it does ridiculous damage against large bosses that are weak to lightning, because large bosses can actually fill the entire circle that lightning bolts are dropped on. I found this particularly effective against Nashandra. However, judging something based on how easy it is to use a first is a common way that people say whether or something is good in Dark Souls anyway. It was one of my favorite Miracles, and I was personally disappointed when I saw the soul of Cinder using it, but I wasn't allowed to. I appreciate it so much, that I'm going to equip two of them, so I can have more casts. It's also surprisingly effective in PvP, when you use it on the Iron Bridge. The smaller the space the more effective it is. Also, most people don't seem to realize that it looks the exact same as great Lightning Spear before you throw it, so if you spam great Lightning Spear, and then start up the splintering Lightning Spear, it catches people off-guard quite commonly. Great Lightning Spear generally people roll left and right, but this one if they're on the Iron Bridge won't be stopped if they roll left or right. I think it's quite good if used right.

                      • Anonymous

                        Really i find that is does tons of damage if used in small area's and i used it to take down the ivory king.

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