Blinding Bolt

Spell Type



65 Faith

Attunement SlotsSlots Used

1 -> 2

Spell Uses



Short Range AoE

Blinding Bolt is a Miracle in Dark Souls 2. To cast a Miracle, you must use a chime or Special Weapons that can cast Miracle.



"A miracle that creates a giant soul mass and transforms it into a lightning-spouting orb of light.

Crafted in ancient times by the God of Sun, but later forbidden by the same deity. Was it to protect the world from hatred, or sorrow?"

Acquired From



  • Fires a small ball of light high above the air, eventually making a complete stop where it will explode in a flurry of lightning bolts. As of the newest patch, this miracle was majorly buffed, making it a very viable spell in PvP due to moderate damage and high firing speeds. Best used on large targets or groups due to its inaccurate nature. It also creates an opportunity for healing.
  • Since it only requires 1 slot, highly recommened to get multiple copies to get more casting (recommended: 3 copies) by farming Old Iron King.
  • At 65 faith, with the combination of Lightning Dragon Chime +5, Sun Seal and Lightning Clutch Ring it deals approximately 700-800 damage per hit.
  • As of calibration 1.10 it deals less poise damage.


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    • Anonymous

      13 Jan 2020 03:29  

      For a miracle that demands 65 faith, 15 over hard cap, its wildly unusable. sure in pvp it may act as a surprise / decoy but you're lucky if anything hits at all. The ball from which the bolts originate will disappear if it hits anything, basically failing the spell cast, meaning its tricky to land it in a good place, indoors is just out of the question.. I've tried it in boss fights with many mobs with large hitbox such as Gargoyle but hit nothing but air or hit them with the ball so it disappears. Spells like Splintering Lightning Spear or Heavenly thunder is a lot easier to hit with and will not fail as easily, they also fire all their bolts downward in an area instead of originating from a ball and shoot outward in all directions. There are some situations where this spell will be useful but for an NG+ spell from a Great one and 65 fth requirement it seems like it should be a lot better or useful than it is. Frankly i am disappointed and will probably never use it whatsoever. It's the miracle version of soul shower really.

      • Anonymous

        Very good as an opener29 Aug 2016 10:59  

        I often start a match off by casting this and then a sunlight spear. The spear mostly hits due to the confusion of blinding bolt. This combo often just kills players outright

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