Sacred Oath

sacred oath
Spell Type



25 Faith

icon attunementSlots Used

4 Slot

Spell Uses



Self and Allies

Heal is a Miracle in Dark Souls 2. To cast a Miracle, you must use a chime or Special Weapons that can cast Miracle.



"An ancient miracle said to have been devised by warriors who once served the God of Sun.

Provides a temporary boost to the attack and defense of its caster and all nearby allies."

Acquired From



  • Increases physical attack damage by 50, and physical defence by 75 for the caster and nearby allies. Lasts 40 seconds.
  • This spell adds the 50 physical attack damage as bonus physical damage on your equipped weapons. Please note that if a weapon has an infusion that reduces the physical damage of the weapon by a percentage (%) (see Infusion), the physical attack bonus provided by this spell is reduced by the same percentage. In addition Ring of Blades works in the same way, and will have its bonus reduced for imbued weaponry as well.
  • Duration is based on faith, 40 seconds at 10 faith, 45s at 15, 50s at 20, 60s at 25 and 65s at 35.
  • You cannot have Sacred Oath and Denial on at the same time. The Denial icon disappears when you cast Sacred Oath. Tested in the Memory of Jeigh on the Giant Lord.
  • Stacks with blue, orange and yellow burrs as well as dark, triclops snake and red leech troches.
  • Stacks with Red Tearstone Ring (x1,255) and Brightbug (x1,2)


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