No-Man's Wharf Enemies



Darkdweller (Dark Stalker)

'Spider monkey' like creatures (they're also known as "Dooters", "Spooky Bleeders" and "Reachasaurus-Rex") with very long arms, hence a very long attack reach. They attack quickly and are quite deadly. They can cause bleeding with 2-3 hits but are terrified of the light and will cower at the sight of it (e.g., a torch); however, if you provoke them for too long, they can rage out even in bright light. If possible, try and get behind them for a backstab, but be careful.


Hollow Infantry

Clad in rotting versions of the Infantry Set, and found primarily in the Forest of Fallen Giants, these hollowed dregs were once the rank-and-file low-ranking soldiers of the Kingdom of Drangleic. Functionally little more than militiamen, they have weaker weapons and equipment than their Royal Knight brethren, but maintain some semblance of their original skills and have a predilection for hunting in packs. Though not very dangerous individually, Hollow Infantry have a notorious tendency to appear in large groups, where their threat level increases exponentially. Dealing with them piecemeal is the best tactic, though weapons with large, sweeping strikes can help deal with them in groups. Beware their attack flurry; though somewhat rare, this attack can do considerable damage and break the guard of the unprepared. They can also perform guard break maneuvers.


Hollow Varangian (Varangian Sailor)

Varangian Pirates are enemies in Dark Souls II. They can first be encountered near the pier in No Man's Wharf.

The Varangians were a fierce band of pirates who prowled the seas of Drangleic's northern coastline.They were conquered by a former king who chose to force them into hard labor at No Man's Wharf rather than imprison them.They continue to labor at No Man's Wharf, and still fight with deadly proficiency. Of particular note is their long-range Sea Bow;it was once used against monsters at sea, but it will now be put to use against you…

  • The Varangians were pirates who terrorized the seas of Drangleic's northern coastline. A former king led a campaign to capture the bandits, and forced them into labor at No Man's Wharf
  • Varangians wield swords, shields, dual cutlasses, and bows. They also throw casks of oil at their targets and attempt to ignite them using fire arrows
  • Varangians have relatively low HP and defenses, but attack and move swiftly. They utilize various weapons and tactics that make them more dangerous than average hollows
  • Varangians fight aggressively and tend to ambush players in groups. They make use of Stray Hounds and Hollow Infantry to outnumber and overwhelm their opponents



Stray Hound (Stray Dog)

Stray Hounds are enemies in Dark Souls II. They are first encountered beyond the Exile Holding Cells bonfire, beside a wooden watchtower.

Don't let the name fool you; this demonic hound is anything from ordinary.Whether this is the specis' natural state or a result of some darker power is irrelevant;it wants to rip your throat out

  • Stray Hounds are dogs that have turned hollow. Before the undead curse spread, these animals served some purpose relevant to their locations
  • Stray Hounds have meager HP and damage, but can outrun players and attack in quick succession. They are usually found in packs
  • Stray Hounds will attempt to chase, leap at, and bite their opponents. Their attacks cause bleed buildup,
  • Stray Hounds, although dangerous head on, are easily taken down when attacking from their flanks. They cannot turn very quickly.
  • Stray Hounds, like most undead, are weak against fire.


Nimble Shadow (Suspicious Shadows) NG+

Those who are especially adept assassins are often hired as bodyguards. In an attempt to stave off the curse,King Vendrick hired shadowmen to put down the Hollows, but before long they were Hollowed themselves.

In New Game Plus, two additional dark spirit minions that aid the No Man's Wharf Flexile Sentry during the boss battle.


Roaming Soul - Aurous Knight NG+

A Roaming Soul wearing the Aurous Set appears on board of the ship when the Bonfire Intensity is over 2. Does not respawn unless Bonfire Intensity level increases

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