Stray Hound (Stray Dog)

HP NG: 190
NG+: 390
NG+7: 740
Weakness Fire
Resistance ?
Respawns Yes

Stray Hound (Stray Dog) is an enemy in Dark Souls 2.  They are first encountered beyond the Exile Holding Cells bonfire, beside a wooden watchtower. 


Stray Hound (Stray Dog) Information


"Don't let the name fool you; this demonic hound is anything from ordinary.Whether this is the specis' natural state or a result of some darker power is irrelevant;it wants to rip your throat out

Stray Hounds are dogs that have turned hollow. Before the undead curse spread, these animals served some purpose relevant to their locations
Stray Hounds have meager HP and damage, but can outrun players and attack in quick succession. They are usually found in packs
Stray Hounds will attempt to chase, leap at, and bite their opponents. Their attacks cause bleed buildup,
Stray Hounds, although dangerous head on, are easily taken down when attacking from their flanks. They cannot turn very quickly.
Stray Hounds, like most undead, are weak against fire."






Strategy Tips

  • Try avoiding their lunging/jumping attack
  • Shield yourself often, their attacks build up bleed pretty fast


Move Set

  • Lunge: Sudden lunging attack covers quite a distance.
    • Inflicts Bleed
    • Physical Damage
    • Can be blocked



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