Old Paledrake Soul

old one soul

Soul of the ineffable

Old Paledrake Soul is a consumable Boss Soul item in Dark Souls 2 (DKS2)Old Paledrake Soul, a soul that once wielded great influence over the land, persisting in its echoes even as the eons whittle it down to these remnants. This soul is instrumental in acquiring the Moonlight Greatsword and the Crystal Soul Spear sorcery. Alternatively, consume it to amass 60,000 souls. Boss Souls are materials used to trade for unlocking various upgrades and abilities, spells, as well as for crafting unique equipment. These Boss Souls are obtained by defeating the various Bosses of the game.


Soul of the ineffable
This once magnificent soul continues to exert influence over the land, even after the eons have reduced it to these remnants.

Dark Souls 2 Old Paledrake Soul Usage

  • Use for 60000 Souls


Old Paledrake Soul Location in DKS2

  • Can be obtained from the Duke's Dear Freja in NG+ or higher. Alternatively, a bonfire ascetic can be used in NG to trigger NG+ difficulty in this area (Lower Brightstone Cove bonfire). This will respawn the boss and make her drop this soul.


Dark Souls 2 Old Paledrake Soul Hints and Tips

  • It might be wiser to pick Crystal Soul Spear because the Moonlight Greatsword has been patched and has lower stats and attacking rate
  • Also, the Crystal Soul Spear is required for the Master of Sorcery achievement/Trophy, while the Moonlight Greatsword doesn't count toward any achievements/Trophies


Old Paledrake Soul Lore in Dark Souls 2

There are a number of clues given in game that the soul belongs to Seath, despite his name not being mentioned.

  • This appears to be what is left of the great soul belonging to Seath the Scaleless.
  • It's used to acquire the Moonlight Greatsword, which needed to be cut from Seath's tail in the first game or Paledrake means White Dragon.
  • Also, Seath studied and resided at The Duke's Archives, which resembles the personal archives of the Duke of Tseldora. The miners of Brightstone Cove may even have excavated the crystals of the former Crystal Caves.
  • Manscorpion Tark will give you a Second Dragon Ring for killing his master after you kill Freja, but will tell you that his master cannot really be killed, but will change form so he may "seethe" for all eternity. This is likely a play on words.
  • Duke Tseldora went mad, just like Seath, and became fixated on his obsession. Seath's soul was probably possessing or manipulating him.
  • Sweet Shalquoir also mentions after defeating Freja that she recalls a similar story of a duke driven mad, a being long ago that drove himself mad searching for what he could not attain, a possible reference to Seath's hunt for the scales of immortality
  • Remember this is all theory and there is no solid evidence that this game takes place in the same geographical area as the first. It's likely that the two kingdoms are parallels, enforcing the inevitable cycle that fate has upon the cursed peoples. The lore of Dark Souls is deliberately shrouded and fragmented to allow the player to form their own opinions. Unless explicitly stated, there is no "right" answer.



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    • Anonymous

      Hey i have used a bonfire ascetic in chapel threshold but the boss wont spawn again, do i have to specifically use an ascetic in lower brightstone cove?

      • Well, if you want both the Moonlight Greatsword and Crystal Soul Spear, have fun killing this boss 3 times in a row lol
        (also, dont forget the fact that, if you are after these items, you're probably running a INT build, so good luck killing a NG++ boss that resists your only source of damage)

        • I've Noticed such a great detachment and division to all sorts of Boss Descriptions.
          It feels like all of the descriptions should be all equal and identical as a form of tidying and order
          So many starts with saying "Can be consumed"
          Then others with "Consiming it"
          Then They say first the trades you can do and then the prices and its all confusing as to why its like this
          I heard some things to these website but why then not many people take a care at trying to fix it?...

          • Anonymous

            I figured it out ! Seath DS1, Freya DS2, Oceiros DS3 and Ludwig (Bloodborne) are all the same person ! xD

            • Anonymous

              Cool, real cool, i just F***in adore the game making me go back to the horrible terrifying spider area again to get one dam item needed for an achievement.

              • Anonymous

                This is stupid. Why the hell is this soul locked behind NG+? Makes no sense. First from a lore perspective, but also because the MLGS is a really core piece of gear for spellcasters. Makes no damn sense in terms of game balance at all beyond a great big "f*** you"

                • Anonymous

                  I agree that this soul belongs to seath because the moonlight greatsword description reads: this sword comes from a great white being

                  • Anonymous

                    The crystal spear is not worth getting anymore because it requires 2 slots to use.In the past when it required 1 slot, it was one of the best spells in the game, but now its utter garbage, so get the Greatsword because its unique and powerful.

                    • Anonymous

                      Lore wise this makes no sense, Seath was one of the everlasting dragons who had no souls because they never lived or died. his "soul" was a fragment of Gwyn's soul so calling it the "old paledrake soul" is nonsensical

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