Darklurker Soul


Soul of what lurks in the Dark Chasm.
The Dark Chasm of Old is the remnant of some ancient, dissipated being.
Use the special soul of what lurks within to acquire numerous souls, or to create something of great worth.

Darklurker Soul is a consumable item in Dark Souls 2.







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    • Anonymous

      The spell his soul gives is very entertaining. Its a chime hex so i understand most wont even consider it but that thing places a dark AOE sphere that hurts anyone it touches. Anything. Mobs, nps, invaders, yourself but most importantly: your allies. Host and summon alike. If you are like me, a complete *****, you'll have great fun killing the host and their summons. I cant think of many things in this game with friendly fire and this is so fringe most people neither wouldnt play with it not even know it exists. Which makes it all the more surprising when they get hit in the face by one and die within seconds. How many times have you been summoned by an idiot and just wanted them to suffer a bit? Well with this you can. The dark side of the Force is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural.

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