Crystal Soul Spear is a Sorcery in Dark Souls 2. To cast a Sorcery, you must use a Staff or Special Weapons that can cast Sorcery.

Crystal Soul Spear

Spell Type


Attunement SlotsSlots Used

2 Slot


53 Intelligence


Short to Long Range



"Soul spear sharpened through crystallization.
Pierces enemies, causing heavy damage.
Superior to the most finely sharpened weapons.
When wielded precisely, it can take down several enemies at once."

Acquired From




Shoots a projectile spell that deals magic damage. Can pierce through multiple enemies. An upgrade to Soul Spear. It is the highest damaging single projectile-type sorcery in game. Casting speed is roughly same as Great Heavy Soul Arrow.
Has a chance to pierce through shields with 100% Magic damage reduction especially Magic Shield under Magic infusion.
Multiple scrolls can be obtained by Bonfire Ascetic The Duke's Dear Freja.
At 53 int and with
Staff of Wisdom
+4 it only deals 25% more damage than the normal Soul Spearbut requires twice the attunement slots.
As of Calibration 1.10, this spell requires two attunement slots, and it's casting time has been increased.

    • A mistranslation of the patch caused confusion about reduced damage. The correct translation notes the reduction was only to poise damage. With 99 INT and a MagicStaff of Wisdom

+5, Crystal Soul Spear does the exact same 1011 damage to Giant Lord that it did before the patch.

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    • Anonymous

      Loved this spell in DS1. Here with two slots? I really don't agree on this, since there are major trade-offs between both, yet this requires more int and has both less casts and double the required slots.

      Maybe for PVP it's viable. But for PVE Soul Spear is much superior, specially on ATT 50 and with Crown of the Old Iron King.

      • Anonymous

        TBH its way easier and probably better to just farm some soul spears at the huntsman's copse second bonfire. Crystal soul spears take 2 slots, normal soul spears take only one

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