Royal Rat Authority Soul


Soul of the Royal Rat Authority, of the underground realm.
Those who choose to serve the Rat King must have the courage to face His challenges.
Use the special soul of this rat to acquire numerous souls. or to create something of great worth.

Royal Rat Authority Soul is a consumable item in Dark Souls 2.








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    • Anonymous

      Blows my mind seeing everyone say that hated this boss and struggled. 5th run in this game and never knew he was there and first tried it with sorcery. Mf’s really are dogshit I guess

      • Anonymous

        Easiest boss fight ever if you're a hexer. Cast darkstorm to take out the little guys, stay by their corpses and cast dead again a few times. Fight over. Literally the easiest quickest boss fight of the souls series for me once I did that. Before I figured out that strategy... yeah I hated him too.

        • Anonymous

          I spammed Chaos Storm and Firestorm with flame+5 and it killed the small ones first use then had to dodge big dude a few times

          • Anonymous

            Pain in the ass and overall not worth unless you are interested in the rat covenant and this area for it's invasions. Otherwise just get the covenant from after royal rat vanguard and proceed on.

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