Poison Statue Cluster

Poison Statue Cluster.png
HP ??
Weakness Projectile
Resistance ?
Respawns YES

Poison Statue Cluster is an enemy in Dark Souls 2.


Poison Statue Cluster Information

Poison statues identical to those found in the Gutter, except this one is literally the worst enemy ever made, since it is carried by a creature and can be fired from multiple directions. The mobile statues are mostly resistant to any form of attack, unless you attack the carrier below with a well aimed projectile or spells with an area of effect.
A crimson red Petrify Statue Statue variant can be found in Cave of the Dead, as well as the new petrify statues, which fires petrifiy spit instead of poison. These red enemies are otherwise identical to Poison Statue Cluster.





  • Twinkling Titanite
  • Common Fruit
  • Titanite Slab
  • Human Effigy
  • Promised Walk of Peace (hex)


Strategy Tips

  • Only the carrier beneath the statue can be damaged, so use arrows or other well-aimed projectile attacks.
  • Poison Blossom Kite Shield and Poison Moon Butterfly Shield negates poison spit.
  • Try Flame Swathe, Wrath of the Gods, Scraps of Life and any other AoE spell to attack the carrier


Move Set

  • Poison Spit
  • Petrify Spit



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    • Anonymous

      06 Jan 2017 04:37  

      Yes, indeed... Promised Walk of Peace dropped before the Poison Statue Clusters stopped spawning, but not before the Gank Squad had been killed.

      • Anonymous

        15 Dec 2016 17:07  

        Some melee weapons specific attacks can actually hit this enemy when at a distance, by looking down you can make most spears, rapiers, halberds while blocking and whips hit below the statues, but you need to be far enough to hit with the tip of the weapon, most Ultra weapons' light attacks may also work, but these have to be horizontal sweeps that hits the ground at the end of each strike, and must connect with the turtle thingy at that time. Some heavy attacks might also work, like the two handed Washing Pole, or the two handed Zweihander.

        • Anonymous

          Promised Walk of Peace29 Aug 2016 11:02  

          it doesn't need to be the last of them. I get it by the first drop in the 2nd visit.

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