The Place Unbeknownst

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Bonfire Location:

Cardinal Tower -> Go down the ladder in the Ground and turn right, go over the bridge and open the door with the Soldiers Key. Turn left and put on the King's Ring. The Bonfire is behind that gate.



Bonfire Ascetic Use:

Burning a bonfire ascetic here respawns the following items/enemies/bosses:

Special Notes:

Notable Summoning:

    • Anonymous

      21 Aug 2019 16:55  

      It is possible to get to this bonfire without the Kings Ring, if you go out the door of Cardinal Tower and to the left elevated platform, and jump across to the small stone ledge next to where you drop down to get to the area far below, you can go from that ledge and (not an easy jump) jump to the wooden platform, thus skipping the door. I just did it and other than the bonfire I havent seen anything else I can do... But just something interesting if you want the bonfire early game, it took me probably half an hour to do the jump, so not the worst thing in the world...

      • Anonymous

        08 Aug 2019 21:29  

        If you go just outside the King’s Door and look up and to the left there’s a noticeable embalmed square, does that have any significance? I always see messages written underneath that hint it might be a secret.

        • Anonymous

          07 May 2017 20:07  

          The Twinkling Titanite doesn't respawn anymore in SOTFS. Doesn't matter if you're killing the Giant Lord or not, still doesn't respawn. Someone should update the page.

          Hella boo...

          • Anonymous

            twinkling titanite not respawning with bonfire17 Sep 2016 01:23  

            I'm running the X1/SotFS, and burning the bonfire upgrade doesn't seem to respawn the twinkling titanite. Bummer!

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