Kalaniar's Mystic Knight PvP Build
You know, I really liked the Undead Crypt. It had an interesting gimmick in the re-spawning enemies, and the sense of finality that came, knowing that what we were looking for was right ahead. Honestly, though? The thing that interested me the most was the weapon used by the Leydia Pyromancers; The Blue Flame. This sword is really something else. It relinquishes the ability to perform a strong attack, and instead allows you to cast a sorcery. While losing the ability to hit harder than a normal attack, you gain the ability to go physical and magical without changing weapons! This build focuses on making the most of this, by giving a good mix of Strength, Dexterity, Attunement, and Intelligence. As well as that, this build will also try and keep the whole "Knight" theme, wearing armor that isn't necessarily magical (such as the Black Witch Hat, for example). Of course, this is but a guideline that can be molded to a person's liking: feel free to change it, maybe add in some Pyromancy, or something else of the sort.

Soul Level: 150 (This can also be changed, it's just the level I like to keep my characters around).

Starting Classes: Sorcerer (The class if you want to start off using spells rather than melee), Warrior (while this may seem odd, it starts with high Strength and Dexterity, meaning that you will most likely not be investing much more into them, allowing you to put the rest elsewhere), Swordsman (starts with good Dexterity and has the second highest Intelligence besides the Sorcerer at 7), and Deprived (well, it's balanced, and this build has a pretty wide-spread assortment of stats). For the purpose of this build, I will be writing this from the perspective of one using the Sorcerer Starting Class, as it allows this build to hit Soul Level 150 with the highest overall stats.

Vigor: 21. Keeping Vigor around here is a fairly good plan, if you were to ask me. After 20, Vigor starts to diminish, and while the gains aren't bad, per-se, I think points are better spent elsewhere. With one extra point left over, it goes into Vigor here, as it probably is best used there. Feel free to push this even higher if you do not care for the extra points in Vitality that allow you to use the Knightly armor.

Endurance: 20. This is the same as Vigor, as the returns are the same after a point.

Vitality: 20. I think there may be a trend here. Although, this can be played with a bit, if you want to put more points into something else. Vitality is as high as it is to be able to use heavier (see: knightly) armor. Feel free to swap some of this with Vigor, if you don't want to wear armor that is heavier.

Attunement: 25. To use spells, one must have attunement! I personally am not very happy with 25 as a number, but I can't think of anything else to cut. If anyone has a suggestion that could improve this (or really, anything I've said), then I would be happy to hear it!

Strength: 20. This is the minimum requirement to be able to Power Stance the Blue Flame, but it can be raised higher, but with only an E Scaling in Strength, I don't really recommend it.

Dexterity: 23. The base requirement to be able to Power Stance the Blue Flame. This is the same as with Strength, as it also scales E with Dexterity.

Adaptability: 20. Everyone may just kill me if I didn't put at least this much in Adaptability. We're still pretty uncertain about what the deal with this is, but 20 seems like a fair number.

Intelligence: 50. Initially, I wasn't planning to put Intelligence this high, but a member over at the Fextralife forums (by the name of WrymHero. Thanks again!) recommended that I push it this high so that the build gains access to the Staff of Wisdom, which is the strongest Staff in the game. The purpose of this is to buff the Right Hand's Blue Flame, giving it a stronger Crystal Magic Weapon buff.

Faith: Base. Who needs Gods when we could ourselves become GODS with our power!?

Equipment: The armor is what's keeping your opponent's sharp, pointy stick (see: greatsword) from making you cheese, most likely of the Swiss variety. Customization is key to this game, and the right armor can make the difference between life and death. However, as you will soon notice, I like me some Fashion Souls.

Helmet: Alva Helmet, Elite Knight Helmet, etc. Really, anything that makes you look like a badass Knight. Of course, feel free to do as you please with your character; this is mostly for me, as I like to keep themes with my builds. However, if you want to maximize potential with your Sorceries, then the Black Witch Hat or Black Hood is probably for the best.

Chest: Assorted Knightly Armors. Again, if not keeping with the theme, then I like the Lion Mage Armor, as the low-ish Attunement doesn't do much for the Cast Speed.

Legs: Would it surprise you if I said something that makes you look like a knight? No? Huh. Otherwise, Lion Mage Legs or something of the sort.

Gauntlets: Need I repeat myself? May as well say that make sure you upgrade everything to it's highest possible potential!

Ring 1: Southern Ritual Band (Preferably +2). This ring helps out a ton with the 25 Attunement of the build. With the 3 extra slots form this ring, you will effectively have eight attunement slots! That allows for a huge variety of spells to be used (or, a small collection of high-cost ones).

Ring 2: Clear Bluestone Ring (Preferable +2). This one also compliments the lower Attunement of the build by increasing cast speed! A very handy tool to have ,and one that I prefer not to leave a Bonfire without. although,if you prefer the path of the Mage more than the mixed path, and use the Lion Mage Set, then this ring is not very necessary, though is still helpful.

Ring 3 and 4: The last two ring slots are not very heavily important, and can be switched around as you please. For me, the rings I like to use the most are as follows:

Third Dragon Ring, Royal Soldier's Ring, Ring of Knowledge, Ring of Life Protection (only if you're hosting!), Gower's Ring of Protection, Ancient Seal, Old Sun Ring (only if I'm in a bad mood), and Ring of Thorns (see: Old Sun Ring).

Spells: With the potential for 8 different spells, it can be tricky to decide on which ones you like most. The ones I would generally recommend are as follows:

Crystal Magic Weapon, Soul Spear, Soul Vortex, Homing Crystal Soul mass, Shockwave, Soul Greatsword, ( Heavy) Homing Soul Arrow, Great Magic Weapon, Crystal Soul Spear, Soul Bolt.

Of course, there are other spells you can mix and match, but these are my preferred ones. However, you may be wondering about a few of my choices, such as Shockwave. I like to use Shockwave for a laugh, basically, similar to the Miracle Force. I also like carrying Great Magic Weapon, just in case I run out of Crystal Magic Weapon uses; always good to carry a plan B! However, this segways nicely into my next point...

Weapons: Ah yes, the most important part! Let's not wait and get right into the matter!

Right Hand 1: Blue Flame. Self explanatory, really. Already went over this magnificent beauty way back at the beginning (can you believe it's been so long?). I suggest infusing this weapon along the Magic path, as it gives you the most bang for your buck.

Right Hand 2: Anything of choice, it really doesn't matter too much. The build it built around the Blue Flame, so that will probably be all that you will be using. If you can find another weapon that you can wield with the stats that you have, than be my guest! My recommendations are things such as a bow or crossbow, giving you a bit more versatility.

Right Hand 3: See: Above.

Left Hand 1: Shield of choice. it can really be anything you're comfortable with. I prefer a shield that has high physical reduction, while also having a high Dark reduction. My personal favorite shield to use is the Silverblack Shield, which gives high damage block all around the spectrum. Sadly, there is no shield that can give you 100% reduction in both fields (at least, not to my knowledge), so this shield will have to do! Yet another you may try would be the Llewellyn Shield, which has high reductions all around as well. If you wish, you could also use the Rebel's Greatshield, though it is just a tad too cumbersome for my tastes. And finally, possibly the best suggestion I have would be the Watcher's Shield, as I believe it has the highest total reductions of all shields (to the best of my knowledge). The only downside is that you have to get to the very end of the game in order to obtain it. I could keep rambling on about possible shields, but really, just use whatever floats your boat!

Left Hand 2: Slumbering Dragon Shield. If you plan to go two-handed or your opponent or yourself is keep a distance, this shield can be quite useful for the stamina-regen. If you have the extra equip-load to spare, then I highly recommend that you take this along, just as an interesting choice.

Left Hand 3: Blue Flame. Ah-ha! Bet you didn't see this one coming! So here's the true beauty behind the Blue Flame: You can Power Stance with it! But wait, oh-ho-ho, does it get better! Both weapons' strong attacks cast spells, right? Well...Did you know that you can buff both of your weapons using this method? Yeah. That's right. Power Stancing Blue Flames buffed with Crystal Magic Weapon. The sheer damage potential is staggering! That, and you could also pull a spell out of nowhere too, throwing your opponent off guard! Mind you, if you buff the Blue Flame, it actually increases the damage your spells do! Put this along the Magic infusion path as well. However, if you so wish, you could theoretically put this along another path, just to add a little bit of an interesting edge to it, such as Bleed or Poison.

Well, that should about wrap things up! I hope you all enjoyed this build that I've comprised. If I've missed anything, or if you have any suggestions as to changes I should make or ideas as to how to improve the build further, than please, let me know! Here's to seeing you all in-game!
Praise the Sun.

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    • Anonymous

      For anyone still looking to become a magical Knight, I cannot endorse Strong Magic Shield enough. Gives any shield better stability, 100% resistances across the board, and looks dope being cast with a sword. Embrace your fashion souls!

      • Anonymous

        Why not use Ring of the Embedded since 2 of your ring slots are 'free'?
        This would allow you to have Vigor, Endurance, and Vitality at only 14 each, relying on the +6 bonus from the ring to bring them all up to 20, and giving you an extra 19 Soul Level to put elsewhere.

        • Anonymous

          pretty sick build bruh, been lookin around to see if anyone else coveted the blue flame as much as i do. i wasnt dissapointed

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