Crystal Magic Weapon

Crystal Magic Weapon
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28 Intelligence

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Weapon Buff

Crystal Magic Weapon is a Sorcery in Dark Souls 2 (DKS2)Crystal Magic Weapon, enhances the weapon in the other hand with the potency of crystal magic. Exhibits greater strength compared to conventional magic reinforcement. The application of crystals for augmenting soul power is an age-old technique in magical enhancement. Sorceries demand the use of a Staff or Special Weapons, requiring a certain Intelligence level for casting.


"Imbues weapon in other hand with crystal magic. More powerful than standard magic reinforcement.

The utilization of crystals to enhance soul power is an ancient form of magical reinforcement."

Dark Souls 2 Crystal Magic Weapon Acquired From

  • Chest in Dragon Shrine. Above two Drake Keepers; one with a mace and one with a sword and shield. To get it, run over the small bridge on the right and continue through that path. Eventually, you will end up above the ledge with the chest. Just drop down and the chest should be on the right.

    Rare drop from Ducal Spiders


Crystal Magic Weapon Notes and Tips in Dark Souls 2

  • Buffs weapon with magic damage. Duration scales with Intelligence: 63 sec. at 28 Int and up to 99 sec. at 42 Int. Superior to Magic Weapon and Great Magic Weapon. Equivalent to Sunlight Blade and Dark Weapon in effectiveness.
  • DS2's buff formula differs from other Souls games, instead relying primarily on the targeted weapon's base damage to determine how much AR the spell buff will add. Matching the spell buff with a damage type present on a weapon will add a flat bonus to the total AR, depending on whatever the weapon is infused with and/or naturally inflicts said damage type. A small scaling bonus is also added unless the targeted weapon doesn't scale at all with any stats.


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    • I don't know anything about the calculations of the buff but after using it on my fire longsword it seems to more than double my damage against Drakekeepers so it definitely seems worth using.

      • Anonymous

        It says adds 50 magic damage but I don’t believe that is right. If it works just like sunlight blade/dark weapon, then the int scaling on the target weapon for the buff with the spell, if no infusion is on it, it will default to a hidden scaling programmed into the weapon, likely ranging from E-C scaling for damage increase. On S scaling int weapons. Lastly I don’t believe there is a percent increase on any buff spells

        • Anonymous

          I'm going to be honest, maybe the rare drop from the Ducal Spiders might've been a thing in original version of Dark Souls 2, but after farming them for hours in SotFS (I need my Crystal Soul Spears, having a fragile mage doesn't help with the trip to Freja), you start to realize that the supposed Crystal Magic Weapon drop from Ducal Spiders is a lie. They don't drop this sorcery unfortunately. It doesn't even say they do on the actual wiki page for them. It's probably just a mistype or a rumor.

          • Anonymous

            Since this adds 50 Magic damage, same as Magic Weapon and Great Magic Weapon, does it matter which you use with a physical weapon?

            • Anonymous

              Crystal Magic Weapon seems to do slightly more damage than Great Magic Weapon. (Done with dual Blue Flame at 61 INT)

              • Anonymous

                The formula might be wrong and the following correct? Crystal Magic Weapon: (TotalAR x 0.3) + 5 = MagicBuff Src: reddit/darksouls2/ "The mystery of buffs; a post of calculations and odd findings"

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