Leydia Pyromancer

Leydia Pyromancer
HP NG: 360
NG+: 460
NG+7: 3,358
Weakness Lightning
Resistance Poison
Respawns YES

Leydia Pyromancer is an enemy in Dark Souls 2.


Leydia Pyromancer Information

A ghostly spellcaster of the Leydia Pyromancers. Although pyromancers in name, they were adept at a wide variety of magic and in their conceit they once occupied the Undead Crypt. Their brazen misuse of death drew the ire of the Fenito, who branded them transgressors; the apostles were slaughtered and subsequently buried in the Crypt alongside other occupants.

Legless with a wraith-like appearance, also one of the members of Leydia Apostiles along with Leydia Witch (referred by Leydia Gloves). These enemies are less dangerous than the witches but are capable of attacking with swords and limited magic. These ghost-like enemies respawn infinitely from tombstone-like slabs found around the Undead Crypt. They materialize when you get too close to their tombstone/coffin or when a bell is rung. When a bell is rung, all of the Pyromancers will spawn at once, and will mob the player. The tombstones they spawn from can be destroyed, and will stay destroyed for the rest of the NG cycle or until a Bonfire Acetic is used. They appear from their graves to ward off the players and protect the crypt.






Strategy Tips

  • Best to take these guys out as fast as possible. They are easy 1v1 but when many of them spawn, they tend to be a pain. As you continue into the crypt, you will find yourself in a room with 5 of the coffins spread out. Kill any undead that have awaken and break all tombs (Except 1, if you plan to farm for their gear - tombstones are not repaired after resting at bonfire). (the apostles that spawn in the hallway to the boss can also drop all of their items. this is a good way to farm for their items because you can spawn a set of them at anytime by ringing the bell under the stairs).
  • A fast weapon with long horizontal reach is recommended to clear out the rocks located throughout the whole room. These greatly hinder your mobility when dodging or closing the distance to attack.
  • Spells can be blocked by terrain. (Ex. you can hide behind walls or their tombstones while they cast their spells and their spells will be blocked.)
  • They're also a considerable farming target if you're in need of souls, Faintstone and Darknight Stone.
  • They can also be knocked down with a Great hammer's heavy attack and they will stay down. (needs testing in SOTFS)

Move Set



Leydia Wraith Concept


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    • Anonymous

      You can avoid getting ganked in the area with the the 5 phantoms.

      If you drop into the circular pit and DON'T MOVE, you won't trigger the hollows that ring the bells. You can use the binoculars and shot spells to destroy the tombs, if you're melee I guess bombs should do the trick too. The only phantom left is the one that spawns in the narrow path, which shouldn't be an issue by itself and can be left alone for farming porpuses later. God knows that area gave me trouble when I was a newbie.

      • Anonymous

        Absolutely cancerous enemy, has extremely fast melee combos that deal insanely high damage to even the tankiest of characters and often lunge massive distances before doing said attacks like even more horrible versions of the Clawed Manikins, oh yeah and they're also master magicians ontop of that and at a distance will spam ridiculously damaging pyromancies and sorceries that can one-shot you if you're not tanky or have high magic and fire damage resistances, they constantly respawn if you don't break their stupid statues but don't die when you break said statues, and worst of all, there are a number of situations where you have to fight a large mob of these bastards in a small room often full of rocks that block your movement completely unless you break them with your weapon which damages your weapon durability too, easily one of the most cancerous mobs in the entire game

        • Anonymous

          To whoever decided that there needed to be an infinite supply of these right before velstadt, I wish you a very pleasant eternity in hell.

          • Anonymous

            Resistant to poison my ass. Used toxic mist on them 3 times and the poison never kicked in. They're immune if anything

            • Anonymous

              Melee attacks for breaking the statues that spawn these will cause them to spawn. Spells and greatbow arrow attacks will shatter the statues and not cause any spawning. Just confirmed this on SOTFS.

              • Whoever wrote this probably was either too good or too bulky.

                These bois can 3-hit stunk you through their whole combo, which can and will end your runs straight away if your class is not heavily armored or has tons of health.
                You can cut their melee combos with any shield though

                • Anonymous

                  Less dangerous my rear end, their attacks are so fast that they can combo you straight to death if your defense is low enough

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