Great Magic Weapon

great magic weapon
Spell Type Sorcery
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18 Intelligence


Weapon Buff

Great Magic Weapon is a Sorcery in Dark Souls 2 (DKS2)Great Magic Weapon, an advanced sorcery surpassing its predecessor. Empowers the weapon in the opposite hand with potent magic, enabling the delivery of substantial magic damage. The traditionalists at the Melfian Magic Academy disdain swordsmanship, deeming it a primitive style of combat. Sorceries demand the use of a Staff or Special Weapons, requiring a certain Intelligence level for casting.


"A sorcery superior to Magic Weapon.  Reinforces weapon in other hand with intense magic, allowing for infliction of heavy magic damage.

The old purists of the Melfian Magic Academy view swordplay as a barbaric form of engagement."

Dark Souls 2 Great Magic Weapon Acquired From


Great Magic Weapon Notes and Tips in Dark Souls 2

  • Buffs weapon with magic damage. Duration scales with Intelligence: 65 sec. at 18 Int, and up to 108 sec. at 27 Int. Superior to Magic Weapon, but inferior to Crystal Magic Weapon. Equivalent to Flame Weapon in effectiveness.
    • The duration is directly related to intelligence. If you use Simpleton's Spice to reduce the cost to 10, the spell will only last roughly 20 seconds.
    • The duration also ends immediately if you switch the enchanted weapon out.
  • Rather unsurprisingly, this cannot be used to buff any magical catalysts like a staff (if you wielded two staffs and enchanted with the offhand one), so a Sorcerer cannot self-buff their spells with it. The exception to this is catalyst-weapons, like the Blue Flame
  • DS2's buff formula differs from other Souls games, instead relying primarily on the targeted weapon's base damage to determine how much AR the spell buff will add. Matching the spell buff with a damage type present on a weapon will add a flat bonus to the total AR, depending on whatever the weapon is infused with and/or naturally inflicts said damage type. A small scaling bonus is also added unless the targeted weapon doesn't scale at all with any stats.



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    • Anonymous

      "but inferior to Crystal Magic Weapon"

      This is not always true tho. On some weapons, GMW can be as good as or even better than CMW. For example on Magic Retainer's Short Sword, GMW is actually better than CMW. On Magic Blue Flame, GMW is pretty much as good as CMW.

      • Anonymous

        Really easy to get this early on in SOTFS. Join company of champions and farm the ogre in forest of the fallen giants. Doesn't take long to get 10, the added bonus of the 1000 souls per kill and the added chance for them to drop titanite shards and a soul of a proud knight is nothing to frown upon.

        • Anonymous

          "Melfian Magic Academy" - I wonder if this is a reference to the famous mage "Melf" from Baldur's Gate / AD&D lore

          • Anonymous

            >Rather unsurprisingly, this cannot be used to buff any magical catalysts like a staff (if you wielded two staffs and enchanted with the offhand one), so a Sorcerer cannot self-buff their spells with it.

            What about Blue Flame?

            • Anonymous

              i know it said 15 intelligence but when i played today i noticed it said "18" and not "15", is it because i have SOTFS or did you get it wrong?

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