HP 5,500 (Standard Game)
Weakness Fire / Lightning 
Resistance Dark

The Darklurker is a Boss in Dark Souls 2.


Darklurker Information 

Darklurker is a boss in Dark Souls 2. This boss is only accessible by joining the Pilgrims of Dark covenant through Darkdiver Grandahl and completing its questline. It's the final progress stage of the covenant. A four-armed, two-winged hooded angel fought in a pit in the Dark Chasm of Old. Its lower arms are constantly folded across its chest. It is not yet known who or what it is. The Dark Chasm used to access this boss doesn't matter; as long as all three zones have been cleared, dropping into the fog at the end of each chasm will land you in the Darklurker's boss fight arena.









Counter Measures

Soul Greatsword A blade of souls extends from its left arm, before Darklurker strikes out. Can strike once or twice in succession, usually a slash then a thrust. Can be avoided by rolling to the side or behind Darklurker
Soul Spear The Darklurker will raise its left arm then thrust it forward, from which a spearhead of light will be thrown at the player. The spear has minor homing properties. This attack happens very quickly, and can catch you by surprise if you aren't looking for it. Can be dodged by rolling sideways.
Soul Bolt Used when the player is at a distance, the Darklurker flies up in the air out of melee reach and fires a beam towards the ground while rotating slowly to face the player. The beam only moves outward and sideways. Can be avoided by standing underneath Darklurker.
Turn Invisible The Darklurker can turn invisible temporarily and will drift away from its previous location. Can still be locked on to, but will not take damage while invisible.  
Teleport The Darklurker opens a large portal, and disappears (breaking player lock on). The Darklurker will then reappear some distance away in a puff of smoke.  
Dark Soul Bomb The Darklurker opens a small dark portal with a white ring of light around it, and a second portal opens up somewhere above and off to the side of the player. The Darklurker then casts a dark orb through one portal, which exits the other portal and moves towards the player making a screaming sound. The orb has minor homing properties and explodes on contact with the player or ground for heavy damage, making it difficult to evade. Can be dodged by rolling or running sideways to the orb's trajectory.
Dark Explosion The Darklurker will arch backwards with its wings spread and two arms outstretched, before closing tight on itself and emitting a massive explosion of dark magic in front of itself. No sound warning is given, it is recommended to roll backwards quickly.
Mitosis At approximately 50-60% health, the Darklurker will create a bright light and close its wings around itself. The Darklurker will then split into two, each with the same abilities. Both Darklurkers remain for the rest of the boss fight and share the same health pool. This breaks lock-on, but the two can still be hit before the animation is completed. It is possible to stagger Darklurker preventing it from ever splitting.
Fire Orb The Darklurker raises all four arms over its head and opens a dark portal ringed with fire, then casts three Forbidden Suns at the player. They don't always fly directly at the player, and can be tricky to avoid if you aren't watching them. This can happen after Mitosis and with both Darklurkers casting at the same time, each casting three fire orbs for six total. This can also be cast before Mitosis, though not as often. Can be dodged by rolling or running. At distance you can stand in front of him and when the 2 first orbs are out just run on his side.


NPC Summons

There are no NPC summons available for this encounter.


Darklurker is extremely weak to lightning, and spamming Lightning Spear or Great Lightning Spear will finish him off quickly if you have a fully upgraded lightning-infused chime. Just wait for him to use his Soul Bolt, then run under and start throwing lightning bolts. Heavenly Thunder will deal heavy damage if he uses Mitosis, due to it hitting both copies and both of them sharing the same life pool.

Darklurker is very weak to fire. Darklurker can easily be defeated through the use of powerful pyromancies (such as Flame Swathe) and a +10 Pyromancy Flame. If you have long range attacks like a bow or spells you'll want to have them ready when you start the fight because, like most bosses, you'll be able to get in a few hits before the Darklurker does anything, if you have a bow make sure to use fire or lightning arrows. When Darklurker uses Mitosis, it is recommended that you cast an AoE pyromancy, such as Firestorm, Fire Tempest, or Chaos storm. The pyromancy will hit both of its copies for massive damage, sometimes even killing it instantaneously on the first playthrough.

Melee builds who are struggling can consider either using a weapon with lightning damage such as the Thorned Greatsword or Defender Greatsword, or a weapon with fire damage like the Smelter Sword or Iron King Hammer. Alternatively, you could respec with a Soul Vessel and put points into Int and Fth to increase your dark/fire defense and boost your own fire damage.

Since all but one of the Darklurker's attacks deal pure dark damage, equipping armor with high dark defense, rings that further boost dark defense, and consuming Dark Troches can make the fight much easier. At around 800 dark defense, you'll barely even see your HP bar move when hit.

All builds can benefit from using a fully upgraded and dark-infused Transgressor's Leather Shield, since it blocks 100% of dark damage.

The chime hex Profound Still (sold by Darkdiver Grandahl) is absolute cheese against the Darklurker, since he's a primarily spellcasting boss. It will disable all but his Soul Greatsword attacks for its duration, making the fight much less complicated. (Edit: Doesnt make the fight as easy as it seems. The hex only lasts 30 seconds and he will likely hit you with a soul sword whilst being cast. Doesn't prevent mitosis and doesnt last long enough to do any real substantial damage since you'll spend most of the effect dodging his sword.)
Here is how I beat him with a strength build.
He is super weak against fire. I had a Greatsword +10 imbued with fire. And a Dark Pyromancy Glove+9 [not a strict strength build] (obviously plus 10 would be even better). Having an upgraded Rebel Greatshield would help out tremendously, but I only had a Havel Greatshield+5 at the time, still not a problem. Do what you need to get two attunement slots. Go in with the spells Great Fireball(3 uses) and Flame Swathe(2 uses). The only move he does that gave me issues is the dark orb one. It constantly wants to go behind you and I had too big of an equipment burden to roll forward, away from it. So anytime he shot that. I just ran, put my back against a wall, located it, and blocked it. 99% of the time he will follow with his sword which is a great opportunity to get behind him and strike. Just keep circling when he does his shield, and only attack with two swings from behind when he does his sword swing. The two safest times to heal with an Estus is behind him after his sword move, and when he does his airborne laser(making sure you are safely out of its slowly moving path, off to the side generally). Just be patient and wittle him down to half health with your firesword. When he splits, switch to your pyro glove, and get in a flame swathe while they are recouping from being separated. Target whichever one is closer, but make sure you have enough time to cast, so pay attention to his moveset(I'm sure you fought him enough to learn it, I know I did). Always keep your eyes on both of them. Using those five spells with at least a +9 Dark Pyromancy glove will take way more than half his health. So if you can save them until he splits, you are gauranteed victory if you just dodge his stuff. Using those spells will make the "second half" of the fight go by very quickly. I did a lot of planning to come up with this method and it worked out wonderfully. The biggest thing is to get out of your head about having "possibly" limited times to fight him. If you need effigies you can buy three off the merchant in the forest, one off the merchant in iron keep, and 13 off the vampire in the undead crypt!! Killing the three old hags and innocent maid from the beginning will net you 9 of them! Or you can also equip the snake ring, traveling merchant hat, and prison garb and farm them off the big knights in Heide's Tower of Flame, the spider people in Tseldora, and the puppies in Bastille/Belfry Luna/No-mans Warf. A good spot to farm them is the puppy pit down the ladder near the bonfire by Belfry Luna. Also, by using bonfire ascetics in Majula, you can farm the skeleton(s) under the mansion (the number of skeletons increases with more bonfire ascetics); each skeleton seems to drop an effigy with nearly 100% drop rate.
You can also farm effigies near the Tower of prayer. The dogs/humans drop them fairly often.
On the bright side as long as you use the same portal the enemies will disappear if you have killed them the required times(15 I believe). I recommend using the portal under the castle as it is the shortest.
Credit: (yadehtsiyadot)!

Strategy: Faith Warrior

Credit: Theo
I have killed Darklurker on NG+ before he split in two. He only managed to cast his Soul Bolt (laser beam) at me (which is easily dodged by going under him) and started his Whisper of Despair cast but didn't even finish it as he was already dead. I have used 4 Sunlight Spears and 1 Great Lightning Spear to bring him down. When you start the boss fight you have quite some time to shoot your spears as the lock distance is great and the boss takes his time to initiate any attack. I had the impression that boss is vulnerable to lightning. My build is Lightning Dragon Chime +5 / Lightning Defender Greatsword +5 / Faith 50 / Clear Bluestone Ring +2 / Chloranthy Ring +2 / other stats and gear are irrelevant.

Strategy: Faith/Great Lighting Spear

I killed him before he could even split into two. You can use great lightning spear and tear him a new one. With a faster cast(Clear Bluestone ring +1), lightning priest chime +10 and fast roll(below 70%). At the very beginning of battle cast great magic barrier. If he runs after you he will use his two swords dodge them and throw lightning. If he cast the skulls run and dodge. If he does his beam get below him and wait for him to start coming down(You will have to re-lock on.) then throw lightning. When he brings his arms out and starts to split spam lightning. Took 7 great lightning spear hits with 32 faith(lowered the faith to use it.) -CalamityGami-

Strategy: Club Dual-Wielding + Stone Ring

Credit: Slakrrrrrr
The Darklurker can easily be defeated using two Clubs and wearing the Stone Ring. When using this equipment, the alternate dual-wield stance plus the left handed heavy attack will effectively stun the Darklurker. A Chloranthy Ring might be needed to increase stamina recovery fast enough to keep the Darklurker stun-locked for the entire fight. (50 STR 10 DEX dual mace, this was the easiest that fight has ever been for me)

Strategy: Pure Pyro

Now, my build is a Quality PvP build, though I have 2 ATT slots just for some quick pyro punishes in case anyone tries to estus. I wanted to fight all bosses, so my strategy for the Darklurker was a +10 Pyro Glove equipped with Chaos Storm and Great Combustion. You start off woth the Chaos Storms to hit him hard, and that should drop him below 50% health then and there. Then, just spam Great Combustion while he tries to Mitosis, and he dies before he can even split. It's super quick and easy, and the hardest part is timing the Chaos Storms...but other than that, a mere 2 ATT slots can make the Darklurker a super easy fight.

Strategy: Sorcerer

This is quite an easy boss if you have Soul Geyser and the Hexer's Hood. First bring him down with Soul Spears or similar (I actually used Flame Swathe but it does not do that much damage when he's moving around) and when he splits in two, immediately lock on and cast Soul Geyser. This should instantly kill him and if not, cast another one. As always, Lions Mage Set plus Clear Bluestone Ring helps a lot.

Strategy: Light Melee

The boss himself is not really hard until he splits. I was using +8 Blacksteel Katana with 47 DEX and a Havel's Greatshield under 50% burden (Greatshield with good Dark, Magic and Fire resist is a must for this battle, as you can block his most damaging skills fairly easy). Any light armour will do fine as you are mostly going to dodge his attacks and block only hard ones when dodging is not an option. Engraved Gauntlets is also a very good item to equip, as it works on every enemy. When you drop down to fight location immediately use Charcoal Pine Resin and run towards the boss and stick behind him. When he uses Soul Greatsword, dodge it (or just walk behind him), 2H your weapon and do 2-3 attacks (depends on your stamina. Note: always save enough stamina to do at least one roll). When he does nothing, you can try doing some one handed attacks but be very careful. When you see that the boss is charging his fire spell, you can either run in circles to dodge it or run towards him and try cheeping some damage (he can fire a second barrage, so do not risk your life if you are not sure about it). If he starts to do his flying attack, run directly underneath him and when he lands, 2H and attack 2-3 times.Whe he uses his Dark Explosion, you can either run away or just block it (assuming that you have greatshield). And if you block, he is going to be vulnerable for some time. Repeat until he splits.

After splitting, one will attack you with melee attacks and the other will fire magic at you (or they can both magic or both melee). Dodge all their attacks and when one is using his aerial attack you can attack the other one and strike the attacking one when he lands. Also, try to group them and bait their Soul Greatsword attack. This way they will likely stand very close to each other and you can strike both at time dealing double damage. Just do not forget to dodge/block their attacks and do not be too greedy, as they can easily kill you.

I noticed a weird thing (need someone to confirm this, maybe he just bugged) I was running away from them for approx. 1 minute, waiting for a chance to strike. But then I noticed, that the copy (or original, I can't distinguish them) was just staying still and not doing a single thing. If that happens, you can easily kill the other one (which attacks you). I didn't try hitting the bugged/stunned/staggered one though. I am playing on PC, latest steam version.

Video Strategies

Darklurker: Ranged, Sword & Board and Power Stance
2H Greathammer
(Fantasma702) Sorcerer's Guide
Darklurker NG+ done with a bow and pyromancy


Darklurker can be respawned through burning a bonfire ascetic in the underground Drangleic bonfire.
If you are playing on NG+ and want to kill Darklurker after having already killed him on NG you must talk to Darkdiver Grendahl in 3 locations (to rejoin the covenant - note that your rank is not reset). Then you must clear all 3 Dark Chasms and set light in the big stone vessels. In the third Chasm you will get to Darklurker after jumping down into the abyss at the end of the cavern if you have done everything right. Burning a bonfire ascetic as stated above won't work in NG+ if you have already killed the boss on NG - you HAVE to go through the process again.


  • It's possible to hit both Darklurkers with aoe pyromancies like Flame Swathe when they split, or when they both come in for a melee attack on you.
  • (Note if you beat the boss and any of its spells kill you, you will have to redo the whole boss fight over to gain the rank in the covenant.
  • He is super weak against lightning and very weak against fire
  • Profound Still silences all but one of his attacks
  • High dark defense and a shield with high dark reduction will trivialize the fight, since his only non-dark attack is the fire orb spell
  • If you're really having trouble beating him; magic immunity is a thing. Dispelling Ring+1 + GMB + 30 int/faith= roughly 510 elemental defense before armor. Quartz rings to 660. You now have 70% dark/fire reduction. Add in armor, even weak armor, and spells bounce right off with an 80%+ damage reduction. Havels would get you to 820. 820x0.11=90.2 Black which gets you ~860 (a 96% dr) fire and just over 900 dark, complete immunity. You can soul vessel to it/back again as necessary. (credits: Forum_Pirate)



  • May be loosely modeled after the Four Kings from Dark Souls.
  • The projectile moveset of this boss and the fact it can clone itself is however a throwback to Nineball from the original Armored Core.
  • The Soul Greatsword is also a reference to Laser Blade from Armored Core, which is often attached onto left arm until Armored Core 5.



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