Looking Glass Knight

looking glass knight
HP 6,540 | 9,156 (NG+)
Weakness Strike, Magic, Fire, Dark
Resistance Lightning
Immune Bleed
Respawn NO

The Looking Glass Knight is an enemy in Dark Souls 2.


Looking Glass Knight Information 

Looking Glass Knight is a boss in Dark Souls 2. Formerly known as the Mirror Knight, this knight is clad in steel polished to a mirror finish. It wields a mirror shield which it can use to summon NPCs and players to fight against the player during the boss fight, as well as deflect spells that come in contact with the mirror. Real players may also be summoned to fight for the Looking Glass Knight, scroll to the bottom of this page to read details. Also, take note that the fight happens outside, in the rain, meaning that everyone's lightning defense is reduced, and fire defense is hightend. Because of this, pyromance will be less effecient in this fight, but lightning attacks (both from the player and the boss) hit harder.









Counter Measures

Shield Bash Uses the tower shield strong attack, except it's a lot slower than a player's animation.  
Lightning Spin Charges his sword and then does a spin.  
Lightning Cone Charges his sword and attempts to hit his target - several, maybe 8 lightning balls will fly out from this location - so be sure to avoid that general direction. Can roll to left or right to avoid them if you cannot avoid general direction.
Lightning Beam Charges his sword, then points it at his target, firing a laser-like lightning bolt for about 3-4 seconds. Deals medium amounts of damage and will knock the target down if not blocking and will stun-lock if blocking.  
Summon Slams shield on to the ground facing forward, in an attempt to summon an NPC or invader to help the Looking Glass Knight. Can be stopped by breaking his poise and staggering him.
Can be forced to summon NPC's by burning a Human Effigy
Jump Slash Crouches, then jumps forward at his target to perform an overhead downwards slash. Will change direction or shorten the length of jump in midair to accommodate for target's movement (i.e. rolling towards him, rolling to the side).  


NPC Summons

  • Benhart of Jugo.  Found just before the fog gate, to the left, if you have spoken to him in his spot just before the Shaded Woods and inside Drangleic Castle.
  • Ashen Knight Boyd (SotFS). Found just before the fog gate.


His attacks can be easily avoided as they tend to be very slow and fairly predictable. Whenever he uses his lightning attacks simply stand behind him and take the opportunity to attack him. Make sure to eliminate any summoned players as soon as possible as they can make the fight far more difficult. Note that attacks on his left (his shield arm) might bounce for melee weapons even if he is not actively guarding so stick on his right (your left) if you plan to land multiple strikes.

By staying close behind the shoulder of its weapon arm it is possible to avoid most of its attacks without the need for your shield or rolling though will require you to pay close attention to his attack movements. The advantage of this strategy is that you will remain behind him ready to attack as he recovers. When it charges its lightning attack by staying as close as possible to the back shoulder of its shield arm instead when it unleashes its attack it is likely to miss you or at least cause minimal damage.

Be warned the greatest threat is not the boss itself but the phantoms summoned from its shield. NPC phantoms carry a surprising amount of health and can cause a nuisance to distract you from the boss; human players, on the other hand, can be potentially competent PVP players capable of killing you far more easily than the boss itself. Note: It is possible to stagger him when he's trying to summon another NPC (Summoning players cannot be interrupted), I tried this using my great club +6 and constantly hitting him while he's trying to summon. It took me 7 heavy hits (R2 if you're using Xbox controller) - 4 hits to get him to 50% health and 3 hits during his summon animation - to stagger him. After being staggered, he won't try to summon anymore. Killing the boss will banish any phantoms he has summoned.

WARNING: This boss deals very high amounts of damage with one sword swing, and always homes his target even after starting a combo or even a swing. He can easily insta-kill you if you are at medium health. Wearing the Ring of Binding is highly recommended to keep your maximum health from dropping too low. Fortunately, he has slow combos with large amounts of time between, giving you some breathing room and space to heal. When he does his Jump Slam attack, your best bet is either to backstep a few times, roll to the side or to the front at the LAST SECOND (any other time won't work), or block. Keep in mind that blocking this attack will most likely stun-lock you.

Eating a Green Blossom is helpful before the fight because dodging and blocking his attacks is a big stamina drainer.

To sum up the fight in a type of playbook, it goes like this:

  1. The Knight may open up the boss fight with a jumping lunge attack. Like all of his other attacks, i-framing is more precise than other bosses because of the awkward speed of the attack, so roll to his back and get in 1-2 hits.
  2. He is weak to flanking, so sprinting to his back is very potent, but don't get greedy, and don't spam, because he attacks often.
  3. Most of his attacks come out of the front of him. Be wary of rogue hitboxes. I personally did not encounter any of these, because I haven't fought him that much, however, I have beaten him.
  4. When he moves to summon, use the opportunity to hit his back, but don't let your stamina gauge deplete. If he summons an NPC, it will not be that aggressive, and you can play the fight like the Belfry Gargoyles, or Ruin Sentinels, and just wait out the group aggression, to get in some hits. NPC summons by the Knight disappear, so 
  5. This is a fight of patience, so be ready for fake opportunities, where the Knight and/or his summon can interrupt you, while you are trying to attack the Knight. 
  6. If you keep getting a real player summon instead of an NPC summon, it makes sense to play the fight in a much more slow-paced and patient way. 

Video Strategy:



  • The boss can summon an NPC or an invader out the boss area.*
  • Both non-player phantoms summoned through the shield are very weak to lightning (15% damage reduction). They are also weak to magic, fire, and dark (30%). Both take 120% strike damage. Both are immune to poison and bleed.
  • His opening move is a large jump/lunge at you with his huge sword. You can run right at him and roll under him to easily dodge.
  • Be careful not to get stuck between him, the wall, and his massive shield.
  • Physical attacks did not work well for me, but physical attacks with magic imbued weapons did, as well as magic attacks. The best one was 'Lightning Spear'. When he is focusing on your summoned partner lock on from just far away and unload on him.
  • Strike weapons can be very effective against this boss.
  • His glass shield can be broken if you land enough damage and prevent him from doing the summoning.
  • Standing close to the front of the shield while an enemy is being summoned will let you kill the enemy quickly when it spawns before the mirror knight has a chance to react.
  • Summoning a phantom for this fight GREATLY reduces the difficulty of this boss. He will lock on to one player and sluggishly try and hit them - if the targeted player is at least semi-competent then he/she'll be able to kite him and guard against his attacks, while the other player(s) go ham sandwich on him.
  • Most projectile spells (like soul arrow and lightning spear, unlike flame swathe and dark storm) hitting the mirror have a chance to deflect. Sadly reflected projectiles are purely visual and can't hit on their way back, even if the projectile goes right through its original caster. (Just wanted to say now I feel silly for being a bit shaken after a Great Resonant Soul bounced back very close to my head)
  • After using all four resins on him it turns out lightning is the one that does the most damage.
  • Avoid attacking his shield unless he's summoning because the recoil will stun you long enough for him to swipe you or even combo you to death.
  • Use a 100% Damage reduction shield as well as the Clerics Shield for his lightning attacks and you'll never get hurt.
  • Casting Dark Fog a few times kills him while all you need to do is run around killing his NPCs
  • Should you wish to enter the Looking Glass Knight boss fight and guarantee another player will not join (likely due to the fact that the NPCs are simply easier to deal with), killing the stone guardians and golden knight in front of the fog gate will prevent the Looking Glass Knight from summoning other players. Only NPCs will be summoned. It could be suggested that the stone guardians and the golden knight are the ones who touch the summon signs for the Looking Glass Knight. This has yet to be tested extensively. I killed all five of the enemies in the hall on two separate attempts at the boss, and each time another player was not summoned with the enemies dead. When the enemies were alive, another player was summoned. Also skeptical, I've cleared this boss 10+ times without killing the mobs and have never had a player. This is likely random.(Killed all of the enemies leading to his room and he still summoned a player.)



  • His Lightning Spin/Cone/Beam and Summon's sound effects will happen even if you have everything muted. They are also unaffected by the sound effects volume slider. To make the lightning's volume match the rest of the game, set the sound effects slider to 50% and adjust the game sound using either your TV's volume or the Windows volume mixer.
  • One of his attacks may continuously push you in a direction until blocked by the wall, preventing you to move at all. Attacking a nd rolling/dodging still works, but you'll stay in place.
  • Summoned phantoms may be invisible to invaders



Be Summoned by the Looking Glass Knight

It is possible to be summoned by the Looking Glass Knight through its shield as another player fights the boss.

To do this, place a Red Sign Soapstone anywhere in the castle in one of the areas around the 2 last bonfires and in time you will be summoned. You are more likely to be summoned if you replace your sign every ten seconds or so, rather than leaving it alone on the ground. This also minimizes your chances of being summoned by a player. You don't have to place it in King's Passage.
Tested thoroughly, you don't need to be near a mirror or in any specific area. Replacing your sign ever 5 to 10 seconds works great, all my summons were within the first 5 seconds.

It is also possible to get summoned by the Looking Glass Knight by using a cracked red eye orb.

  • When you get summoned : you get the time to see 2 loading screens (usually just 1 for normal invasions), during this time you can't do or see anything (that's a pretty big problem) but you can hear the sounds of the invaded world, try to use this information to count them (as it can be a player alone, but it can also be a player and 2 experienced phantoms helping him, etc.), and to know if there are any spell spammers (that will most likely rush you down with soul spears/sunlight spears / resonant souls).


  • You get spawned shortly after the end of the summoning sound the boss makes, at that time you can finally see around you, but your invincibility also ended, so start by running and/or rolling to give you some time to analyze the situation.


  • If 2-3 of them are trying to kill you, try to gain time and to use the boss to deflect projectiles (he does have a nice shield, don't forget !), while you focus on dodging everything. Eventually, they'll miss a dodge and the boss will do massive damage to them, OR you could even live long enough to see another friend summoned by the boss! Or they lose patience with you and you strike back.


  • As a summoned Mirror Squire, you may restore portions of the Looking Glass Knight's health with any healing spell, such as Warmth or Great Heal. The Knight will not react to these spells, but it will be healed as long as it remains close enough to the caster.


  • From the invaded player point of view: he and his phantoms get a special message like "Crown 0f Thorns mirror squire has summoned" only if a REAL player is on the way to get summoned. So he already knows you are a real player, and you should, as an invader, expect him and his allies to rush you down.



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    • Anonymous

      One of the few bosses who actually uses his shield for it's purpose for you know, shielding himself? *COUGH COUGH, DRAGONSLAYER ARMOUR, COUGH COUGH*

      • Anonymous

        Going behind him when he does lighting DOES NOT WORK. He spins around while striking with lightning swing and it hits you behind him

        • Anonymous

          "Use a 100% Damage reduction shield as well as the Clerics Shield..." What a dumb strategy! How am I suppose to damage the boss with 2 shields?!

          • Anonymous

            "...turns out lightning is the one that does the most damage" The top of the page says it resists lightning!

            • Anonymous

              This guy's boss arena, and the whole of Drangleic Castle is furthermore proof that dark rainy weather makes almost everything look cooler.

              • Anonymous

                The boss being able to summon players to help is so cool and fromsoft should put this mechanic in more games

                • Anonymous

                  If you’re having trouble kiting him and find your companion dying before the boss. Use the red eye ring. He’ll be dead when your summon is about half dead. Just kite them both

                  • Anonymous

                    Used katana and had a problem with it bouncing off his shield.

                    Switched it to left hand and this became less of a problem.

                    Gotta love how flexible equipment in this game is.

                    • Anonymous

                      Played ds2 late and didn't know about the summoning mechanics. Plus my SM is too high.

                      Guess I missed out

                      • Anonymous

                        Of all the **** bosses in this game I actually liked this boss. I think the shield is a cool trick and I like his moveset.

                        • Anonymous

                          I still remember how hyped I was for this boss, back before the game was released. I don't think any other boss (not including the DLCs) had me in awe quite like this guy.
                          Cool design and awesome arena. I mean alot of the bosses felt more like minibosses compared to fights like this. But hey, this guy brings back good memories.

                          • Anonymous

                            You can also bring Sellsword Luet to this fight. Makes it a 1000 times easier because of him having the RedEye Ring, attracting the Looking Glass Knight.

                            • Anonymous

                              my first runthrough since picking the game back up i had mad trouble with this boss, especially since i was in the Coc, but i just beat him 2nd try with just my dagger +10 :D

                              • Anonymous

                                weakness and resistance ??? theres so many bosses that dont have definitive information. the game has been out for years lets step it up pls

                                • Anonymous

                                  Always equip the White ring when getting summoned, because most of the times people play with phantoms, so they may get confused and not attack you, i got 4 kills using this method.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    « It’ll let you know if there’s any spell spammer » oh you aren’t spamming R1 and R2 when swinging a sword ?

                                    • Anonymous

                                      The thunder quartz ring was helpful. His attacks drain so much stamina, you have to stay close and get behind him to not get hit.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        Super fun fight! It's not super hard but it's tense as hell when he summons the phantoms, and his moveset overall was fun to dodge. It was easy enough that I managed to get through it first try, but I probably just got lucky with NPC summons. Either way, I had fun!

                                        • Anonymous

                                          So he's resistant to lightning, but because it's raining he's no longer resistant to lightning... why didn't this lazy ass go inside to fight you smh

                                          • Anonymous

                                            I remember when I got summoned by the mirror knight I had to fight one person but the mirror knight was low health so I used a soothing sunlight spell with a dragon chime healed him to back to 75% health it was fun :D

                                            • Anonymous

                                              Nobody seems to mention this, the fact he deals a lot of damage is because it's raining, and your lightning resistance is set to 0 because of the wet status, it's easy to check by opening your inventory and checking the resistances, a yellow bur will increase it to 109, which is better than 0.

                                              • Anonymous

                                                Today on my usual invasions through red eye orbs routine i got a special message and after like 3 minutes of loading screens later,i see myself helping a boss that's on 10% health. I quickly beat the host and returned to my world thinking "What the absolute ***** just happened?". This was my 2nd favorite boss in the game and now i love him so much more for his gimmick. I just wish it wasn't so rare to invade him though...I've been re-placing my red summon sign every 10 seconds for about an hour now and still nothing.

                                                • This guy wasn't too bad, but then again I used a +4 craftsmen hammer. I tried using the old knoght hammer (+4) which was destroying the stone knights before the fog gate but it strangely didn't do***** to the boss. Anyway, I realized by accident that if he charges his lightning attack and you're too far away to dodge behind him, you can hide behind the pillars and wont take damage.

                                                  • Anonymous

                                                    Ive never really had any trouble with this boss, i thought he was easy, i even replay the fight until hes too strong. Then again i do use a maxed out craftsman hammer for this fight.

                                                    • Anonymous

                                                      For a no-summon fight, make sure your equipment load is low enough to dodge his swings to the left when you see them coming. Rotating to the left gives you the most openings as his huge shield protects his right. When he charges his lightning it could be any of three attacks: a simple lightning blade attack that can be avoided by being far enough away, a single beam of lighting along the ground (dodge left or right), or a blast of multiple charges (dodge forward, dodging left or right will get you hit unless you're on the edge).

                                                      Easy up until the summons, you can start in offline mode so you fight an AI guaranteed. Get some cheap shots in while he summons then run away and start dodging everything until you get safe hits on the phantom. Once he's dead the fight is easy enough.

                                                      • Anonymous

                                                        I kept blocking with my Gyrm Greatshield (I love that shield) and Redeye ring while my 2 allied chipped away his health :)

                                                        • Anonymous

                                                          Easy Boss, second try.

                                                          on NG+ it took longer and I needed like 5 tries+ however I was nowhere near I wanted to be armor wise and such (used bonfire asthetic) so im sure with some more levels and the rings I intend to have, having 3x the defense and more HP/Stamina than I had now this would've been just as easy. However, I did found it rather difficult to dodge him at times. His summoned phantom died in like 2-3 hits though so that was easy. Using a greatsword and such that swings broadly is really bad though, the shield got such a large hitbox. [Used a Lighting infused claymore for this]

                                                          • Anonymous

                                                            If you look at his shield when he's summoning a player, you can see his shield is slightly cracked and a phantom is trying to escape. Best boss of Dks2 imo

                                                            • Anonymous

                                                              i nearly cheesed this fight with poison dagers it take about ten to poison him then it take about 1/4 his heath each time assuming you can keep your distance and have a tower sheild and can deal with the npc

                                                              • Anonymous

                                                                it's old name was mirror knight, is it possible this boss is in a way a tribute to Don Quixote's famous foe The Knight of Mirrors?

                                                                • Anonymous

                                                                  So I invaded the boss so I saw the boss was on half health so I spammed all three of my great heals am I a ***** for that?

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