Fire Seed

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A tiny waning flame. Used to strengthen a pyromancy flame.
A pyromancy flame serves as the catalyst for pyromancies, and scales the strength of each spell according to its level.
Fire is a common object of worship, It can never be grasped, and its mystery stokes human imagination.

Fire Seed is a type of upgrade material in Dark Souls 2.




Used to upgrade pyromancy flames to +10.


  • In a Locked cell in Sinner's Rise past the exploding mummies. Need Bastille Key.
  • Past a pool of burning oil in Black Gulch where you fight The Rotten.
  • Outside the Undead Purgatory fog door, on a body behind a gate, jump to reach it(*Also includes a Sublime Bone Dust*).
  • Rosabeth of Melfia sells 3 for 8000 souls each. Killing Rosabeth also yields one Fire Seed.
  • In the Harvest Valley in a poison cave just beyond the first bonfire (same cave where you meet Gavlan for the 2nd time). Found in a chest in the poison fog with a Divine Blessing. Having a poisonbite ring makes exploring this area immensely easier.
  • Iron Keep in the large open room on the left side after the 2nd bonfire. You need to use the damp feet effect from either smashing one of the nearby urns with water in them or using the pool created by the Pharros' Lockstone upstairs to survive the fire damage to take the item from the magma beside the staircase.
  • Located behind the rock formation holding the Head of Vengarl in the Shaded Woods.
  • In the Brightstone Cove Tseldora, the chest inside the locked door which requires Brightstone key
  • In the Undead Crypt just after the area with Grave Warden Agdayne there is a ladder on the wall to the right of two Syan knights, drop down to climb it.
  • To the right of the stairs leading into the main building in Aldia's Keep, from the Foregarden bonfire.
  • There are two, one each in the memories of the giants you need to weaken Vendrick,
  • At the top of Drangleic Castle, behind the caged Milfanito, inside an Iron Chest
  • At the entrance to Drangleic Castle - go to the right after defeating the arrow-wielding soldiers, and it will be in a metal treasure chest(Chest also contains the pyromancy Great Combustion).
  • Corpse near Giant Lord Boss in the Memory of Jeigh. (infinite supply if you decide to farm him via bonfire ascetic).
  • Talk with the Milfanito near the fire enough times at the area accessible through the door upstairs from the last bonfire in shrine of Amana and she'll gift you a fire seed among other things. (Must have freed the caged Milfanito in Drangleic Castle. Unsure if you need the Ring of the Dead in your inventory or not.)
  • Go down the stairs past the Milfanito near the fire (In the area through the door upstairs from the last bonfire in Shrine of Amana) There should be a large hole in the wall with a corpse which contains a fire seed.

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