HP 3110 (Standard Game), 7001 (NG+)
Weakness Lightning, Dark Mist, Poison Toxic
Resistance physical
Respawns YES

The pursuer is an enemy in Dark Souls 2.


Pursuer Information 

The Pursuer is a boss in Dark Souls 2. A giant, aggressive knight that relentlessly "pursues" the player. Heavily armored in black, it wields the Pursuer's Ultra Greatsword with a corresponding "heavy hitter" moveset. He can move very quickly for such a large enemy, and can, in particular, close rapidly on the player from a distance. Can be encountered in multiple locations if playing SotFS. After the main boss fight in Forest of Fallen Giants, these secondary encounters are not explicit boss fights and do not grant as many souls as the first encounter. In addition, it will already be in it's powered-up "curse" mode, allowing it to use its powerful Dark Magic attack. In NG+, the Pursuer will appear more regularly.

The Pursuer lurks in Drangleic. He seeks the bearer of the sign and will not rest until his target is slain.



  • Appears in the small island with the two ogres and the gender-change coffin in Things Betwixt. Reccommended to draw out the ogres and kill them before initiating the fight by stepping onto the island.
  • Appears in the Smelter Demon arena after killing Smelter Demon.



  • Soul of the Pursuer
  • Ring of Blades
  • Souls: 17,000 (Standard Game) 34,000 (NG+)
  • Souls: 19,000 (If killed when you encounter him on the platform next to the shortcut to the cardinal tower bonfire in SotFS)

Souls Awarded

Bonfire Intensity Souls Awarded
1 17,000
2 34,000
3 42,500
4 46,750
5 51,000
6 55,250
7 26.500
8 68,000
  • No changes to souls awarded beyond Bonfire Intensity 8.


Strategy Tips


You can encounter a Pursuer if you manage to un-petrify the statue in front of the third smoke cloud in the tutorial area, and fight through that path until you get to the open area by the water with a coffin. If you move down onto the sand area the Pursuer will appear in the center. It is first highly recommended to defeat the Ogres and kick over the tree that is up the circling ramp to open a path to the main walkway of the tutorial area, and therefore easy access from the fireplace in the witch's hut. If the Pursuer appears you can back off up the ramp, and it will disappear. The strategies listed below for open combat still apply here, however CRITICAL NOTE FOR MAGES: The Pursuer cannot move through or break the Coffin, and there is still a decent area of shallow water past the sandy area. It is highly recommended not to try this fight until you have at least enough Attunement to hold 3 spells, and have 2 of them as Soul Arrow and one as Greater Soul Arrow picked up from the castle ruins Ballista room. His Curse move is rather vicious and will likely kill you quickly, and he is more likely to use it when his health is low. Circle-strafe him around the Coffin keeping it between you and him, don't get too close as his long sword can still reach slightly past the coffin to hit you. Use Soul Arrow to get him to about half health, then switch to Greater Soul Arrow and lay on the final damage and drop him. This is achievable with a Sorcerer as low as level 17, putting nothing but Attunement points on until you just get 3 slots.

  • Note: Ballista rounds CAN kill friendly phantoms or the host!
    Depending on your level and gear, this will be a long fight. This levitating armored titan is both fast and powerful. He will float after you and tends to use a 1, 2, 3 combo with his long sword and shield, however, the last attack of his combo will vary depending on how close the player is to him. One of which is a simple overhead sword slam relatively easy to dodge for those who have a good dodge-roll or are great with timing attacks. The other option, however, is a sweeping horizontal slash where he floats forward while doing it. This is far more devastating, the attack is faster and covers a much wider area than one originally anticipates. When it connects, this attack sends those with lower poise flying. The Pursuer also has a magic blade spell, when you see his blade glow blue get away. He will perform a rather short stab maneuver but if it connects you'll be hurtin' as it does a lot of damage--almost a guaranteed kill-- and you will be cursed reducing health requiring a human effigy to return to normal. If he lands his attack and curses you he will start to smoke and he will now use dark magic. As a special aside the magic energy will not entirely dissipate right after the attack, so be wary of his next slash if the magic stab misses.

    Ballista Strategies

    Parry: Parry the Pursuer's attack (I found the buckler very easy to parry him with, due to its long parry animation), which causes him to be stunned for a bit; then shoot one of the ballistae at him. In order to do this, you must parry him while he is in the line of fire of one of the ballista, then run to activate the ballista and fire. The ballista does a huge amount of damage and can almost one shot the pursuer. Be careful though as he can destroy them.
    Co-op: Another strategy is within Co-op play. Either you or a phantom may be targeted by the pursuer and distract him while the other player shoots the ballista at the pursuer dealing mass damage, or killing the boss. Careful, Ballista rounds CAN kill friendly phantoms or the host!
    Dodge: When initially entering the pursuers boss area, wait for him to walk towards you. When he is far enough he will pull his sword back then do a charge swing. Dodge to the RIGHT (you can get clipped if you roll to the left). Then immediately sprint to the ballista on the left, and fire it as soon as you get to it. If it lands he'll be low enough to easily finish off (don't rush it, he will punish you if you try to kill him too fast).
    Note: Ballista damage has been drastically reduced as of 1.10. They now take slightly less than half health. For this reason, it is advised you quickly realign the Pursuer with the ballista after firing, parry him again, and fire again, then follow with regular attacks.

    Mage Strategy

    Equip Great Heavy Soul Arrow and Great Soul Arrow. Upon entering the arena, you can lock on and get off 4 arrows before you need to dodge. Dodge to the right as his swing comes from the left. After each dodge, let an arrow go. You need high stamina for this. Keep rolling backward using the length of the arena to your advantage. Walking towards him and dodging backward as he is about to attack seems easiest. At the end of the arena, always dodge right.


Move Set

  • Overhead Swing
  • Shield Bash
  • Impale
  • Three Stabs Combo
  • Crescent Shockwave
  • Charge
  • Dark Magic
  • Shield Stab



  • The Pursuer can be poisoned, but has a really high Poison Resistance--anywhere from 7-10 Poison Arrows will usually inflict poison on him. (Confirmed in Iron Keep fight)
  • He can be poisoned before he exits his spawn animation in Iron Keep (It took 4 lb hits with power-stanced Poison Caestus, which you should have more than enough time to do).
  • His charge attack can be avoided without rolling if your are close, simply strafe around it. This will give you the chance to land more hits and will save stamina. A good strategy is to stand a little bit out of reach to bait him into charging. You can then strafe and land a few easy hits.
  • When he does the Overhead swing, it is best to roll towards him. By doing so will allow you to land two hits after he misses.
  • Be sure to have enough stamina to block his attacks or to dodge it. Having the Chloranthy Ring helps as well.
  • His Charge Attack can be easily dodged to the left or the right, depending on whether he attacks with his sword or his shield. Move in for a couple strikes and back up to bait the attack again.
  • The pursuer is vulnerable to lightning attacks such as lightning spear and weapons buffed with Gold Pine Resin.
  • Pursuer also has a move which releases homing dark magic which can inflict Curse. This attack is very hard to dodge or outrun – the best approach is to get right behind him where the missiles can't hit you as soon as you see him prepare the attack. That way, not only you'll be safe, you can also land multiple hits.
  • His Charge attack and his standard slashes (basically the first of his combos) can be parried, stunning him for few seconds.
  • The Impale attack seems to have a limited range, you may seem like you'll get hit with it at the end of the animation but the sword will not touch you or do any damage (cannot confirm if this applies to all encounters, it was tested on the Iron Keep fight).  Alternatively, avoid rolling to the left when he does his impale because it can appear to miss you bit actually connect.
  • The Pursuer is easy to parry. Each successful parry will stun him for several seconds, giving you ample time to attack, recover stamina, or heal. Be wary though that you can't parry his cursed stab or shield bash.
  • The Pursuer is a damage and mechanics check (primarily dodging or parrying, and stamina management) for players.  The easiest way to take him down without Parrying is to simply square up on him and dodge to the right while strafing around him dodging every attack--when he attacks dodge and begin strafing, continuing to do so while dodging his 1-3 attacks.  His attacks are all from his upper left to lower right (his 2 slashes in his 3 hit combo) or straight down in front of him (his shield slam, downward smash, and impale).  Rolling to the left or straight back will leave you open to being impaled or smashed with his downward slam.  He is easy to manage if you just strafe right and dodge through his attacks, and get 1-2 hits in when he's done his combo before backing out and regenerating stamina.  The Chloranthy Ring you can get in this area is invaluable for this fight.

Video Strategies:




  • The Pursuer may be a homage to From Software's other series, Armored Core. This is best seen in the encounter of two pursuers in Drangleic castle, which is similar to an encounter with Nine-Ball in Armored Core: Masters of Arena. Another homage to the Armored Core series is seen with the first encounter with the Pursuer. When he arrives, he is dropped from the air by a large bird and proceeds to hover after retrieving his weapon. This is a reference to when enemy ACs appear in a mission in Armored Core (they are dropped from the air by large helicopters and planes, and they often strike a "hovering pose" at the end of their introduction cutscene).
  • The Pursuer was inspired by DMC4's Credo Angelo Credo. This was verified by game maker Hiroshima Takatsu. Credo refers to Angelo Credo from Devil May Cry 4 (single shield, single sword, both use flying/gliding attacks)* Please see the comments section
  • Rumors speculate that The Pursuer is also a reference to the Chosen Undead from Dark Souls I, based upon his arrival to the first two fights by a bird (similar to the Chosen Undead's arrival to Lordran by Snuggly the Crow), the collection of weapons on his back used in Dark Souls I, and his ability to return from the dead much like the player. Feeling threatened by the new Chosen Undead's rise to power in Drangleic, this also explains his determination to stop the player from becoming the new monarch.
  • The Pursuer may be an allusion the eponymous Nemesis, the antagonist of CAPCOM's Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. Functionally he resembles Nemesis in terms of his relation to the player (a recurrent, unrelenting foe), and "Pursuer" was one of Nemesis' codenames (revealed in Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles).
  • The chest of The Pursuer has screaming faces embedded into it.



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    • Anonymous

      31 Aug 2021 08:24  

      He does NOT drop 19k souls if you kill him early. He's the exact same entity as in his normal fight. God this wiki is so unreliable.

      • Anonymous

        26 Aug 2021 07:42  

        Yesterday, I learned that if he's close enough, and you're very lucky, the ballista WILL one-shot him, as all the bolts will land at point-blank range. I knew it would hurt him, but I didn't think he'd go down like a pizza boy at a Weight Watcher's convention!

        • Anonymous

          14 Aug 2021 22:59  

          I assume the souls obtained from Bonfire Intensity 7 is a typo at 26,500 considering intensity 6 is 55,250 and 8 is 68,000

          • Anonymous

            25 Jul 2021 21:49  

            In some cases you can avoid the pursuer by despawning him, in the lower area of the Lost Bastille, near the shortcut back to McDuff's Workshop, I was able to get him to vanish by backing into the room with the mummies before the courtyard he spawn in. SOTFS on Steam

            • Anonymous

              06 Jul 2021 00:33  

              Greatshields are an absolute lifesaver for fighting the twin Pursuers in the Drangleic Castle throne room. Deflecting their attacks + high stability makes stamina management surprisingly comfortable. Of course, you still need to mind your spacing and circle around their attacks whenever possible.

              • Anonymous

                15 May 2021 09:21  

                this guy is super easy in the forest, but for some reason i always struggle with the lost bastille encounter

                • Anonymous

                  08 May 2021 13:20  

                  To any new players who are struggling with this fight, and are playing scholar of the first sin on Xbox one, my summon sign is Just outside the boss fog

                  • Anonymous

                    16 Mar 2021 15:11  

                    He doesn't drop 19000 souls if killed on the platform near the shortcut. I have killed him on the platform few times and he dropped only 17000 souls. PC ds2 sotfs ver 1.02 calibration 2.02

                    • Anonymous

                      03 Mar 2021 14:38  

                      Big warning to anyone hunting the Ring of Blades +2: It drops like a normal item, and it can despawn if you die before picking it up. If it does, you cannot get it without going into NG+2 or using an Ascetic.

                      It just happened to me, and since I need to go to NG+2 for the spells, I'm the awkward position of deciding if it's easier to clear a NG+3 Drangleic or to go with 15 less AR. It's a pretty irritating situation.

                      And trust me, there's no way to get the ring back--it doesn't pop up in the Majula chest, reloading game doesn't work, and it despawns immediately when you die (it doesn't stay there like a bloodstain). If it's on the ground, and you die, it's 100% gone.

                      The only way to guarantee it doesn't happen is to attack/kill the one on the player's right first. The one on the left drops the ring.

                      Wish I had known this before, the devs definitely screwed up by letting it drop like a normal item.

                      • Anonymous

                        08 Feb 2021 22:27  

                        Is it just me, or is the homing dark magic explosion attack REALLY good at homing? I'll admit I'm new to DS2, and I got destroyed a few times when trying to get the Ring of Blades+2 from the duo in Drangleic Castle. One would always end up using it, and it seemed like no matter how much I ran or rolled around him some dark magic would still hit me, and at Bonfire Intensity 2 it hits like a truck. Still got my ring in the end, but I'm just curious about how to dodge that attack specifically.

                        • Anonymous

                          23 Dec 2020 20:45  

                          If Drangleic is basically an imitation of Lordran, it would make sense that a relentless soldier would be sent to usurp the new monarchy. It's exactly like how Paladin Leeroy was created by the Way of White to hunt the Undead of Lordran.

                          In fact, remember how in DS1, the Porcelain Mask describes how cyclops imagery was used to denote the Lord's Blades, an elite group tasked with hunting down the enemies of Gwyn?

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