HP 3,050
Weakness -
Resistance -
Respawns YES

DragonRider is an enemy in Dark Souls 2.


DragonRider Information

Dragonrider is a boss in Dark Souls 2. One of the Bosses of Heide's Tower of Flame. Accessed by the mist located on a circle platform and guarded by an Old Knight wielding an ultra greatsword. Masterless Glencour can be summoned right outside the Fog Door.

The Dragonrider faithfully served King Vendrick. Long ago, the dragonriders mounted wyverns, and were feared on the battlefield for their unparallelled strength.



  • First Boss of Heide's Tower of Flame. Accessed by the mist located on a circle platform and guarded by an Old Knight wielding an ultra greatsword.



  • Dragonrider Soul
  • Souls Awarded: 12,000 (Standard Game) - 24,000 (NG+) - 30,000 (NG++) - 33.000 (NG3+) - 36,000 (NG4+) - 39,000 (NG5+) - 42,000 (NG6+) - 48,000 (NG7+ and beyond)


Strategy Tips

  • Wields a halberd and greatshield. Dragonrider is not particularly fast and becomes a timing pattern easily dispatched. Circling around to his back will keep you safe from his sweep attacks and leaves him open for attack. He can be staggered after several hits. The arena is small and his attacks have a decent push back, so try to have some distance from the edge, or else the boss will push you over it, even if you block the hit.
  • There are two switches that can be pulled before entering the boss fight which increase the size of the arena. If both are pulled then players cannot be knocked into the water anymore, making the fight much safer.
  • Also considered to be a beginner's room for learning how to deal with humanoid enemies (for instance Syan Warrior, Grave Warden and Old Dragonslayer) and PvE rolling basic, this boss is also vulnerable to Mace if you're Cleric and two handed.

Video Strategies

(two hand)


  • Some of his attacks can be parried.
  • It is possible to shoot the Dragonrider with a bow outside the boss arena. The damage won't reset when entering the arena after hitting him. When his health reaches zero he will turn to face you and raise his shield. Upon entering the arena, his health bar will be empty, but you must land one last blow to kill him. Expect to use 85 - 100 Wooden Arrows when using the Short Bow with minimum required stats. The bow can be found in a chest in the Blacksmith Lenigrast's Hut in Majula.
  • Can be poisoned (even in NG+).
  • Although the arena is originally very small, there are two switches that can be triggered before entering the boss fight that raise additional rings from the water to expand the floor. If both are activated, the floor of this room is then lifted, preventing the Dragonrider from knocking you off as the above strategy states. The first is right after going though the first door from the bonfire. There, an enemy is guarding what looks like a metal square on the ground behind him. The second is an archway of the nearby rotunda where there are three enemies. Once all three enemies are defeated, the switch will slide up out of the ground.
  • Highly resistant to Thrust attacks
  • It is possible for Dragonrider to fall in the water, to do that you must not activate any switches to leave the arena as small as possible, after that stand on the edge of the arena and wait for him to do his Thrust attack,when he thrust forward towards you move out of the way and he should fall in, also make sure he is close to you so that he fully thrusts into the water.
  • If you make the Dragonrider fall off the platform by constantly shooting him with arrows from outside the boss room, the fight will be bugged as far as I've found out. When you enter the fog, Dragonrider has full hp and nothing happens. However, it is worth noting that I've died on my way to him after doing this.
  • The Dragonrider's Armor can be bought from Magerold of Lanafir if the Dragonrider's in Drangleic Castle have been defeated and the Iron Bridge Bonfire is at Intensity 2 or higher.


Move Set

  • Sweep Attack
  • Overhead Smash
  • Thrust
  • Shield Bash



  • Masterless Glencour can be summoned for this fight. His summon sign is located on a small brick outcropping to the right of the fog gate.




    • Anonymous

      03 Jun 2019 07:07  

      The boss area is guarded by a old knight with a giant mace instead of a great sword ( scholer of the first sin)

      • Anonymous

        09 May 2019 10:58  

        This guy is do fat he should have come riding dragon of the sinh the sleepy dragon. Wyrms would have been crushed by his sheer weight

        • Anonymous

          08 Sep 2018 17:38  

          did they patch his suiciding? I can't get him to charge even once.. and I kept trying for an hour(ps4 sofs btw)

          • Anonymous

            28 Dec 2017 19:58  

            So, i figured "I'll probably summon Glen for this, see how cool he looks", so i search all around for his summon sign in that area, and i just can't find it. I'm running Vanilla DS2(Not SotFS version). I mean, it's not like I needed him anyway, because circling to the right with my Greatshield raised just in case meant the boss couldn't do anything to me as i smacked him to death with it. Just thought it was weird i couldn't find his summon.

            • Anonymous

              09 Oct 2017 17:26  

              so i beat this guy before i beat the ruin sentinels and it was easy. it took two attempts the second time i took no damage will this f*** the game?

              • Anonymous

                05 Oct 2017 14:33  

                Here is how you can kill him really really easy:
                Go thru the smoke, wait... watch him take 5 steps and roll on the right side of him. BOOOM done

                • Anonymous

                  07 May 2017 13:49  

                  You literally can parry him on every swing he makes. They're very telegraphed, making it a flawless fight.

                  • Anonymous

                    04 Apr 2017 01:18  

                    funny story i smacked the heide tower dragonrider with a great soul arrow and ran past him and he jumped off the edge

                    • 14 Mar 2017 22:11  

                      The Dragonrider faithfully served King Vendrick. Long ago, the dragonriders mounted wyrms, and were feared on the battlefield for their unparallelled strength.

                      Yeah, sure
                      *Watching him lunges off the arena*

                      • Anonymous

                        subject09 Oct 2016 00:31  

                        this is literally the easiest boss fight so far. i didn't take any damage - just circled him and gave him one hit with my greatsword after each of his attacks. more like a mini-boss. DS1 had regular enemies stronger than this

                        • Anonymous

                          More on the Dragonrider instakill30 Sep 2016 14:14  

                          You wanna stand at the entrance to the boss room, wait until he steps on the outermost circle, and then JUMP DIAGONALLY to the right onto the arena. He should lunge right off.

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