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Titanite Farming

Here is a list of areas and enemies which you can farm in order to obtain standard Titanite upgrade ores. As always when farming for drops, remember at least to equip your Covetous Gold Serpent Ring—maybe also a Traveling Merchant Hat, Jester's Cap, or Prisoner's Hood—and to use Rusted Coins or Watchdragon Parma if you can.



  • Titanite Chunks can be farmed from the big-boned, chunky Gyrm at the Doors of Pharros. You can also obtain Titanite Chunks or Large Titanite Shards from the dull-witted, superstitious peasants living near the first bonfire in Brightstone Cove Tseldora, or you can pry them away from the sticky-fingered Coal Tars in Black Gulch. Alternatively, Stone Trader Chloanne sells ten Chunks after you clear the Undead Crypt, and an unlimited number after you defeat Nashandra. Finally, in online play only, the covenant of the Bell Keepers makes farming Titanite Chunks sinfully easy; every time that you successfully defeat a host as a Gray Phantom, you are allowed to slice off a Chunk. Tear 'em to shreds! Additionally, using a Bonfire Ascetic at the Poison Pool bonfire in Harvest Valley will allow you to get 3 Titanite Chunks in the first poison mist area.



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    • Anonymous

      Let's take a moment to appreciate people who never figured this out, thought adaptilty was a weak stat, and beat the game with base agility.

      Live was unfair, but so was their willpower.

      • Anonymous

        A really good place to farm Titanite Chunks (and L. Titanite Shards) is Black Gulch from the Dark as it's EXTREMELY safe with either Fire Arrows or a Fire infused Bow (cheaper in the long run as Wood Arrows work just fine), just aim for the oil puddles they hide in and burn them out. The only enemies that pose a threat to you are the Razorback Nightcrawlers that come out of the holes, and that's not saying much.

        The only thing is that you should probably clear out a large number of the poison spitting statues first, but once you've done that there's very little risk involved as the only enemies that can actually harm you are the Razorback Nightcrawlers, the fire damage that you take when stepping into the burning puddles is negligible and can be countered with some Lifegems or the Replenishment line of Miracles if it bothers you that much.

        Not only that but if you're in the Company of Champions you can also get Awestones from the two Razorback Nightcrawlers (and a ton of copies of Dead Again), the Awestones aren't the main reason and there are better farming options for them if that's what you need, but given that the point of this is to farm Large Titanite Shards and Titanite Chunks it's more of a bonus than anything. Also don't be afraid to throw on gear that boosts how many Souls you get (on top of selling excess copies of Dead Again).

        • Anonymous

          The best place to farm petrified dragon bones (and bonfire ascetics) is in the first bonfire of Aldias's Keep (SOTFS). The first dragon bone is in the courtyard and the second in the floor with the mirrors. Unpetrify one of the statues close to the basilisk (i think the one closest to the stairs), everytime you kill this hollow, he drops 2 bonfire ascetics, and there's also a human effigy if you are strong enough to kill Aslatiel of Mirrah in the entrance. Repeat the process

          • Anonymous

            The best place for farming chunks, twinkling, and bones is using an ascetic in the dragon's sanctum (dlc). There are videos online for a real quick run without killing anything. You just need ascetics which isn't a problem in the dark chasm of old.

            • They made slabs way easy to get, the fact they sprinkled all over the game combined with Dyna and Tillo make them super easy to get, and by end game you can buy all of the shards, Large shards, and chunks from Chloanne (amazing chest ahead).

              • Anonymous

                (with the company of champions) You can easily farm endless Large titanite shards for free if you go to huntsman's copse and fight the big green basalisk at the bottom of a pit between the first and second bonfire. It gives 3 large titanite shards each time.

                • Anonymous

                  small note: if you enter the "company of champions" covenant, many of these enemies respawn endlessly with a slightly increased difficulty. (not all of them though)

                  • Anonymous

                    I Puerto Rikkan, Exuse bad english! You know where the puzzle sword is? Yah. Go get the tinatite over there and use a campfire pumpkin to do again! Rinse and wash!

                    • Anonymous

                      There are is a pile of 2 twinkling titantie near the kings gate that leads to a giant tree, using an ascetic will redrawn the titanite, and more can be found within the memory, allowing for infinite twinkling.

                      • Anonymous

                        For Twinkling Titanite and Pretified Dragon Bone, go to dragon aerie and use bonfire ascetic, search on youtube, is quite easy and fast

                        • This page describes the locations or enemies to be killed in order to farm certain kinds of ore. If you wish to share your personal favorite way of doing it (which weapon to use, which spell, etc) use this comment section instead of adding it to the page.

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