Magic Stone

An altered state of titanite. Use on weapon to convert wielder's intelligence into attack. Cannot be used on shields.
Sorcerers at the Melfian Magic Academy once attempted to imbue titanite with carious elements, but are said to have failed. Someone must have succeeded, though; what else would explain this stone?

Magic Stone is a type of upgrade material in Dark Souls 2.




  • Can only be used at Blacksmith Steady Hand Mc Duff
  • Used to imbue weapons with an Intelligence-based magicBonus. This removes all the other scaling a weapon has. (Different weapons add different tiers of scaling). Can not be used on shields. Comparable to Dark Souls 1's Enchanted upgrade.
  • At 50 Int, Enchanted path will outscale Raw path if the weapon has default no scaling.
  • Even at maximum INT, and base stats to wield a weapon, many +10 weapons will see a damage reduction from infusing with this stone. This is due to the Enchanted path having extremely poor scaling. 




Drops from


Upgrade paths

Icon Name Type
Faintstone Magic
Firedrake Stone Fire
Boltstone Lightning
Darknight Stone Dark
Poison Stone Poison
Bleed Stone Bleed
Raw Stone Raw
Magic Stone Enchanted
Old Mundane Stone Mundane


Bleed Stone  ♦  Boltstone  ♦  Darknight Stone  ♦  Faint Stone  ♦  Fire Seed  ♦  Firedrake Stone  ♦  Large Titanite Shard  ♦  Old Mundane Stone  ♦  Ores  ♦  Palestone  ♦  Petrified Dragon Bone  ♦  Poison Stone  ♦  Raw Stone  ♦  Titanite Chunk  ♦  Titanite Shard  ♦  Titanite Slab  ♦  Twinkling Titanite

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    • Anonymous

      This actually works well on certain weapons like Black Scorpion Stinger. Its better damage than any of the other infusements as it doesn't split the damage and scaling is the same percentage (seriously ignore the letters they mean nothing, go look up the data mined weapon scaling its all that matters).

      I imagine there is other sleeper enchanted weapons out there that have been ignored all these years.

      • Anonymous

        bottom line: not even the shittiest broken straight sword hilt deserves such a shameful DOWNGRADE as when infused with this piece of dung pie

        • Anonymous

          Okay I saw on another site that this enchantment infusion was basically useless, even for mages, but I didn't believe it. I figured, I'm using a sun sword with minimum stats, the scaling is like +80, there's no way it's WORSE than that. They couldn't screw up THAT badly.

          Well, my friends, it's true. It really is pretty damned useless. I'm a hexer, and my scaling went from ~80 with normal upgrade to ~50 with enchanted. I plugged it into a calculator, and even with 99 INT, sun sword has more scaling from base stats than it gets from enchanted.

          The base stats for the sun sword are 15/13 str/dex.

          Can someone find a weird fringe case, maybe a weapon with under 8 in each stat as requirements, where enchanted ever so slightly does more damage? Yeah, probably. But unless you're sporting a broken sword hilt, enchanted is going to be absolute garbage, and at the very most break even with a poor scaling weapon. But I just tested it, and even weapons with C/C scaling end up losing overall scaling damage with this infusion.

          The only exception is weapons with natural magic bonus (uninfused). They seem to get marginally better scaling when enchanted. Still terrible, but it's at least a way to have a physical weapon.

          I've gotta say I'm extremely disappointed. The scaling should be about double what it actually is. +100 wouldn't be OP for a hexer, it would still lag way behind the +150 or more a quality build would get. That would basically put it around the scaling in the other games.

          As it stands, it looks like a glitch. That's how bad it is. There's no way this was intentional.

          It looks like they made it so that magic scaling is halved on a base physical weapon (like ring of blade is on an infused weapon). But with other infusions, they fixed it by adding base elemental damage. The scaling still sucks, but it's at least somewhat balanced.

          With enchanted, they must have just not noticed how halving the scaling would effectively make it useless on 99% of the weapons in the game. And I mean--LITERALLY--useless. Even pure mages are going to get worse damage on this thing than they would wielding almost any uninfused weapon. Early game, end game--doesn't matter. It's ALWAYS worse.

          Anyway, don't ever infuse with this stone unless you've got a palestone handy--you're gonna need it.

          • Anonymous

            At 50 Int, Enchanted path will outscale Raw path if the weapon has default no scaling.




            • Anonymous

              So faintstones are for Staves and Magic stones are for weapons with low initial scale along with high int stats i.e. 40 plus

              • Anonymous

                If you have enough physical stats to use heavier sorcerer weapons (dragonrider stuff) magic stone scaling will typically be too low compared to no infusions (or, you know, faintstones)

                • Anonymous

                  So at 10/10 str/dex, and 40 int, a Shortsword +10 has a 200+42 rating. And then upgraded to Enchanted, it still has 200+42 rating. Tested it out on the dogs outside of McDuff's, and can confirm. Same damage either way, 222 on a solid hit on basic NG. So yeah, it's likely that the int scaling is way, WAY too low on most weapons to matter. That's really disappointing.

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