Magic Stone

An altered state of titanite. Use on weapon to convert wielder's intelligence into attack. Cannot be used on shields.
Sorcerers at the Melfian Magic Academy once attempted to imbue titanite with carious elements, but are said to have failed. Someone must have succeeded, though; what else would explain this stone?

Magic Stone is a type of upgrade material in Dark Souls 2.




  • Can only be used at Blacksmith Steady Hand Mc Duff
  • Used to imbue weapons with an Intelligence-based magicBonus. This removes all the other scaling a weapon has. (Different weapons add different tiers of scaling). Can not be used on shields. Comparable to Dark Souls 1's Enchanted upgrade.
  • At 50 Int, Enchanted path will outscale Raw path if the weapon has default no scaling.




Drops from


Upgrade paths

Icon Name Type
Faintstone Magic
Firedrake Stone Fire
Boltstone Lightning
Darknight Stone Dark
Poison Stone Poison
Bleed Stone Bleed
Raw Stone Raw
Magic Stone Enchanted
Old Mundane Stone Mundane


Bleed Stone  ♦  Boltstone  ♦  Darknight Stone  ♦  Faint Stone  ♦  Fire Seed  ♦  Firedrake Stone  ♦  Large Titanite Shard  ♦  Old Mundane Stone  ♦  Ores  ♦  Palestone  ♦  Petrified Dragon Bone  ♦  Poison Stone  ♦  Raw Stone  ♦  Titanite Chunk  ♦  Titanite Shard  ♦  Titanite Slab  ♦  Twinkling Titanite

    • Anonymous

      08 Jul 2019 15:40  

      So at 10/10 str/dex, and 40 int, a Shortsword +10 has a 200+42 rating. And then upgraded to Enchanted, it still has 200+42 rating. Tested it out on the dogs outside of McDuff's, and can confirm. Same damage either way, 222 on a solid hit on basic NG. So yeah, it's likely that the int scaling is way, WAY too low on most weapons to matter. That's really disappointing.

      • Anonymous

        drops29 Aug 2016 11:01  

        Already had magic stone from both axe and hammer Gyrm Warrior, but pretty rare even with Jester's Cap...

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