Old Mundane Stone


An altered state of titanite. Use to imbue weapons with power of the mundane. Cannot be used on shields.
People do not look favorably on the banal, but sometimes even the most mundane of objects can cast things in a most pleasant light."

Old Mundane Stone is a type of upgrade material in Dark Souls 2.




  • Can only be used at Blacksmith Steady Hand McDuff
  • Used to imbue weapons with power of the mundane. This reduces the normal scaling a weapon has, but adds a mundane scaling. Weapons that are mundane imbued lose half of their base damage and scale in damage based off of your lowest Stat. It gets a starting buff of +50 then for every level in your lowest stat, the weapon will get +6 scaling up until level 20, then the scaling becomes +3 up to level 30, after which the scaling becomes +1.

To get the most out of this infusion, it should only be used for characters with very versatile builds, that put points into every attribute, or on characters with extremely high Soul Levels, that literally have no low stats left. It's best to use this stone on weapons that have minimal scaling. Crossbows and Daggers are good examples of this.

Calculation of whether mundane infusion is an increase or decrease of damage would be:

([Base Damage/2 + Current Mundane Scaling] - [Base Damage + Current Scaling]) = Damage gain/loss


  • Mundane weapons still receives scaling even when the weapon durability went zero, this makes it extremely practical for weapons with either low durability or low base damage, especially Darkdrift.
  • If two or more lowest stats are equal there would be no increase in scaling over only having one lowest stat.
  • Unlike all other infusions, the Ring of Blades will give full 100% bonus damage to mundane weapons (rather than 50% for other infusion paths).
  • The Heavy Crossbow is an exception to this (Along with other crossbows,possibly). With 220 AR, it goes down to 33 if infused with mundane. Unsure if this is actually a bug or not.




Drops from


Upgrade paths

Icon Name Type
Faintstone Magic
Firedrake Stone Fire
Boltstone Lightning
Darknight Stone Dark
Poison Stone Poison
Bleed Stone Bleed
Raw Stone Raw
Magic Stone Enchanted
Old Mundane Stone Mundane


Bleed Stone  ♦  Boltstone  ♦  Darknight Stone  ♦  Faint Stone  ♦  Fire Seed  ♦  Firedrake Stone  ♦  Large Titanite Shard  ♦  Magic Stone  ♦  Ores  ♦  Palestone  ♦  Petrified Dragon Bone  ♦  Poison Stone  ♦  Raw Stone  ♦  Titanite Chunk  ♦  Titanite Shard  ♦  Titanite Slab  ♦  Twinkling Titanite

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    • Anonymous

      I tried a mundane build from start to finish, to see how manageable it would be. Going through the game is just fine, but I was a bit surprised how quickly the mundane infusion itself started to fall off. There's a midgame sweetspot where it feels really strong, but by and large, more specialized builds are more fun and more powerful.

      Mundane infusion does two things: halve the base damage* and overwrite ALL Str/Dex scaling with mundane. The item will still show physical scaling, and it can even differ from weapon to weapon, but it's just not true. You will notice on almost every infused weapon that your scaling bonus is the same, regardless of what weapon it is. Primary exceptions here are daggers, which seem to take a penalty and will have a lower scaling, and any weapon which alters your attributes like the Ladle or the Work Hook, which may change what your lowest attribute is. Also, some but not all weapons with no natural scaling, like crossbows and Santier's Spear, lose almost all of their base damage, and as such are not at all worth using in a mundane build.

      Basically, mundane is at its best on a weapon with low base damage and low scaling. So, a bad weapon. Crit multipliers and counter damage bonuses are preserved, so I found Mail Breaker and Pike to be good candidates to exploit Old Leo Ring. Katana have very high counter ratings, and for example Blacksteel has very low base and pure Dex scaling (and DS2 criminally misrepresents Dex scaling), but I was less than impressed by mundane katana. Washing Pole would be the best of the lot for the job but 20 durability bites.

      Another thing to note: mundane scaling does not change with weapon refinement. So the difference between a Mundane Ladle and Mundane Ladle +10 is 10 attack. You will double the base damage by max upgrading, but that will only equal the base damage of a +0 uninfused version of the weapon. Since you're investing in all the magic stats, you may want to prioritize your titanite for catalysts or armor.

      Around the time you're mid-20s in every attribute is when you'll feel the sting. You don't have as much HP as a 50 vigor character. You don't have the insane spells of a dedicated sorcerer or hexer. You can't powerstance too many things this side of the broken straight sword, Flynn's Ring is unusable, and your damage output starts to go from impressive to expected to lackluster really quickly.

      • Anonymous

        To put it simple: mundane infusion scales off your lowest stat, no matter wich one it is. If you level up every stat equally, there is no lowest stat so it scales from every stat your character has. Obviously, the higher the better. Characters with 50 levels on every stat gains the best scaling on mundame weapons and can roflstomp the game with no issue.

        • Anonymous

          You know how dark damage scales with the lowest stat between INT and FTH? So that if you have more INT, you need to level FTH for additional dark damage and vice versa? Mundane is that but takes into account all of your stats. For example, if your lowest stat is VIT, then you'll only see a damage increase if you level VIT. When VIT isn't the lowest stat anymore, then it'll scale with whatever is. There is no difference in damage in having 99 in every stat except having one at 10, and having 10 in every stat. Just like how you'll get no dark damage bonuses leveling your FTH from 10 to 99 if you only have 3 INT.

          • Anonymous

            Can someone show an example with stats? What is better? Having 40 in all attributes and one is 39, or having 50 in all stats and one is 1....

            • Anonymous

              I don't understand why this is better for evenly leveling up your stats. If you never level up a single stat then you'll get more and more scaling over time. But if you level that up to be even with the others you lose any bonus so this just makes your weapons worse....

              • Anonymous

                It's basically like most things in the game it hints at how to use it. The mundane path is best for the simplest most basic weapons like nothing too fancy daggers shorts swords rapiers etc but not necessarily the strongest path in the game which you make up for by having the ability to use tons of equipment and spells and have decent defense stamina and dodge frames so you can definitely do a mundane build from the beginning and you might be surprised how strong it is for what it is

                • Anonymous

                  Alright, since I see a LOT of people not getting the gist of the Mundane infusion, I'll try to simplify it for you:

                  Mundane, in of itself, scales with ALL of your stats but ONLY if you level them all up equally. So if you have, let's say, a character that is 20 in everything but only has 15 in Vigor, Mundane will then scale with Vigor as you level it up to 20. But at 20, Mundane stops scaling with anything and then you'll have to wait to have all-rounded stats again for Mundane to get damage.

                  It levels with the lowest stat until it gets evened out with the other stats. To get a damage boost again, you have to level up ALL of your stats even higher.

                  This is why Mundane is super crappy on low SLs and specialized builds, but is an absolute beast of an infusion if you're high SL and ALL your stats are the exact same. A person that is +25 in all of their stats will deal a lot more damage than someone who dumped their levels in STR, DEX, INT or FTH and completely ignored all the others.

                  It's an infusion best suited for the Jack-of-All-Trades characters, to put it shortly.

                  • Anonymous

                    I'm so confused on this explanation so I'm gonna try to get it straight.So it takes the lowest stat that you have out of the stat trees that are needed(strenght,dex etc...) and scales it in ascending so its unique scaling,but does it mean that i get to manipulate the stat it will track or will it autocorrect itself every time i respec ?

                    • Anonymous

                      I have no idea how this thing works. I just roll with looking at the stats, see if it ads or decreases Dmg and if it has split Dmg, look if that decreases to. Yeah... Idk what exactly this thing does but sometimes it ads more Dmg even if it's like 5 AR.

                      • Anonymous

                        If I get lord vessel and make my 50 str stat to 1 or the lowest I get a str weapon like a great sword and make it mundane and since my str is 1 would it give str mundane scaling And use a another lord vessel and make str back to 50 would that make said great sword very powerful

                        • Anonymous

                          The mundane stat explanation is bull*****It says +50 buff at start and up until 20 everly lvl gives you +6? That’s +170 in scaling when your lowest stat is 20. I just infused a 57 base damage dagger with a +72 scaling and the outcome was 28 +145. My lowest stat is 24. The mundane scaling alone should be +182, let alone the left over scaling from the str and dex stat..

                          • Anonymous

                            Since it scales with the lowest stat, what happens if STR is my lowest? Will it double and deal more when 2handing? Or will it stay the same as if I was 1handing it?

                            • Anonymous

                              I found one while farming mastadons for their equips at the castle. The two right at the entrance dropped it for me. Pc.

                              • Anonymous

                                It's weaker with Mundane instead of Raw, as of the latest patch. Mundane is better suited for weapons that are weak in general, like a Knife, or any weapon that has low base damage to begin with.

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