Aldia Warlock

Aldia Warlock
HP NG: 1,200
NG+: 1,600
NG+7: 3,040
Weakness Physical
Profound Still
Resistance Dark, Magic, Fire
Respawns No (DSII)
Yes (SotFS)

Aldia Warlock is an enemy in Dark Souls 2


Aldia Warlock Information


This warlock shares the exact same appearance as the boss Prowling Magus.

The Aldia Warlock will start attacking you from a far range, although telegraphs its attacks slowly, making it very easy to dodge or strafe attacks. This enemy wears little armor and deals less than impressive damage and so is easy to stagger and stunlock with a two handed light weapon. Players also need to be careful on one specific attack; because this enemy is located on a cliffside, the dark Force attack can cause you to fall off the edge.

This is the ONLY Non-Phantom enemy that that will drop the Warlock Mask and Cursed Bone Shield (Before and after NG+). This makes these items very rare as this enemy does not respawn without the aid of a Bonfire Ascetic. It is Recommended to farm these items on this enemy (As opposed to Red Invader Merciless Roenna, who is also an Aldia Warlock variant) as bonfire ascetics only effects this enemy and a few Hollowed Milfanitos.

Generally, they wear Warlock Mask, Lion Mage Cuffs, Priestess Robe and Skirt (can be identified by Merciless Roenna), the incantation is same as Whisper of Despair, and they're also Fenito, this can be indentified by their cyan skin tone and crimson eyes, as shared with the other Grave Wardens. The catalyst/halberd (not to be confused with Roaring Halberd; this one is double-edged) they wield shares the same design as the one wielded by one of the three Skeleton Lords, although you cannot obtain the catalyst by any means.

It is speculated the Warlocks were once Drangleic Priestesses, which can be identified by the robe, as with the location of the Prowling Magus: the church, but they've sided with Lord Aldia, turned themselves into Fenito, a race of the guardians of the dead, acted as a false idol, lured many Undead Citizen and even Milfanito into Aldia's Keep or Sinners' Rise, and converted them into Undead Aberrations in order to recreate the extincted Dragon.

Another theory is Fenito are probably a species created by Lord Aldia rather than being naturally existed, and that Aldia Warlocks acted as a successor among all the Fenito of Aldia's creations if compared to Navlaan, Najka, and Tark.

Oddly, they were supposed to appear in King's Passage (via the TGS Trailer), but were moved to Shrine of Amana.






Strategy Tips

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Move Set

  • Dark Bolt: Standard long range attack, much like a dark version of Soul Arrow
    • Dark Damage
    • Can be blocked
  • Dark Orb: Standard long range attack
    • Dark Damage
    • Can be blocked
  • Dark Force: Used in close range, Much like a dark version of Force. Just like Wrath of the Gods, it inflicts damage, but this one is Dark instead of Lightning. Can be used to throw you off the nearby ledge.
    • Dark Damage
    • Can be blocked



  • Defeating the Aldia Warlock will subtract 45 seconds from the length of a co-op session. See Online for more detailed information about Multiplayer Time Limits.


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    • Anonymous

      I don't have a problem with non respawning enemies usually, but when they have drops that don't always drop it's kind of annoying. I don't want to pump an already hard area up to Ng+7. I like dark souls 2 but the kill an enemy ten times it won't respawn and enemies that don't respawn dropping an item half the time. Just overly cryptic and annoying to do for no reason.

      • Anonymous

        saw posts saying he was moved from amana, and i cant find him after the door.... anyone know where he was moved? bc for me there are just pyros where he was

        • Anonymous

          It makes me angry that there is no "dark force/dark wrath of the gods" spell for us to use. Why give these Aldia Warlocks dark WoTG when all we get is darkstorm? Darkstorm is op and i've stunlocked many people to death with during invasions but I would much rather have a dark WoTG. It looks really cool when they cast it.

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